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Plumbers in Boksburg

Boksburg is small industrial city located just in the Eastern suburbs of the city of Johannesburg. This city, like many others in and around Johannesburg, was established as a mining town where workers and mining companies could settle and start families. All this began in the 1800’s, when the mining industry was thriving, but now, Boksburg does not see much mining business. Nowadays Boksburg is somewhat of a manufacturing industry hub, where many large companies have parts, machines, and much more manufactured and built. This city has an estimated population of 260 000 who are all spread out amongst areas such as the industrial area of Jet Park, Ravenswood, Beyers Park, Atlasville and Parkrand. 

What does a Plumber do?

We know that a plumber is the person you call when you have an uncontrollable problem in your bathroom, kitchen or your outside facilities. Plumbers undergo months of training to make sure they are well versed in their profession, in order to give their clients the best service possible. Plumbers not only tend to what people think, which is usually toilets. They also fix and know how to maintain other systems that involve water such as swimming pool pipes, water heaters or what is commonly known as a geyser, and they can also tackle water pressure issues. Being a plumber by profession is a highly demanding job, that requires great physical strength with a combination of a sound mental capacity in order to complete complex jobs. 

How much does a Plumber cost?

A plumber is one of the highest paid professionals in the construction business, earning a minimum of R 300 per hour for a scheduled job. Jobs that are not scheduled or are not booked by appointment, are considered an emergency job. This usually occurs after normal working hours and must be charged accordingly. Emergency or unscheduled callout jobs can get pricey but one does not know when these types of things will happen do they? This is why you always need a professional plumber on call, which is something Homify can help you find. Emergency call out can cost anything from R 500 to R 1000 per job. 

Why you need a Plumber

Plumbers can help their clients with a number of systems, appliances, and absolutely anything that involves water flow. Below we have listed a few random things that a plumber can help with, even if you did not know they could, now you know that they can. 

1.  A dishwasher

Most dishwashers can be set up by their owners, but lately there has been a surge of variants of complicated brands of dishwashers that are having the rest of us beat. Dishwashers can be a tricky appliance to set up on your own, and will most probably need a professional to help. If the dish-washing company cannot set it up for you, or if there is a problem with the water supply end of setting up the dishwasher, then a professional plumber is who you need. 

2.  Washing machine

Much like a dishwasher, a washing machine is becoming trickier to install on your own. Therefore a professional plumber can help with getting the water supply flowing smoothly, as well as the installation of the actual machine. If not installed properly, washing machines can leak, damage the floor and surfaces it surrounds, as well as function improperly, which could all damage a very expensive investment. 

3.  Damp floors

This is a perfect example of when a professional plumber will need to be contacted. Damp floors are an absolute nightmare, and nowadays they usually occur in laminate or tiled floors. This can cause and lead to a number of flooring and general home problems, that can lead to illness, destruction and most probably the need for reconstruction of an entire floor. After a plumber is called on scene, it is advisable that a professional floorer is also called to make sense of what will need to be done next. 

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