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Plumbers in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is a city found within the province of the Free State, meaning ‘fountain of flowers’. The flowing fields of flowers are not the only sight to see in this city, such as the historic attractions that bring in visitors from far and wide. There’s the annual Rose Festival, regal tea gardens, cycling tours that run annually, and the Loch Logan waterfront. A few more places of interest include the National Botanical Gardens, the National Museum of Bloemfontein as well as the Anglo Boer War Museum if you’re feeling like taking a look back into the rich history of South Africa. 

The Plumber

Plumbers have been and will forever be a part of any homeowners or business owners lives, simply because they solve complex problems and they do so skillfully. Plumbers are trained in the practice of planning, installing, maintaining and fixing water lines, water and sewage pipes, waste disposal systems and any appliance that requires a water connection. This means that plumbers could help you in your kitchen, your bathroom, you garden and even your personal spa with installing your steam bath, sauna, and hot tub. Plumbing is a sought after profession from both ends as we need plumbers and they most definitely need us. But this job is a time consuming, demanding and very physical job to do every day. I suppose this is why plumbers are in the top 5 list of highest paid professionals in the construction industry. 

What do Plumbers Charge?

Plumbers are known for their high prices and rightly so, what they do is rare and really one of a kind. They usually start off their price list with an hourly charge rate that solidifies that they will and must be there for at least one hour. Sometimes this is all you need to get the job sorted. But in the case where there is more to do or for the plumber and his team to go out and find parts or something more, they would usually need to come back and will charge additionally. Per hour plumbers could charge anything upwards of R300. Then the cost of additional parts or added on services will come into play. 

Why you need a Plumber

There are many reasons why you need a plumber, especially for particular fixing and maintenance jobs, but let us look at the fun side of things a plumber can do for you. 

1.  Sauna

Having a personal sauna in your home or office is becoming more and more common as it benefits you and your family, but also provides a stress outlet for your employees and colleagues at the office. With the help of a plumber and a few other professionals, namely being an electrician and a joiner, you could have the perfect personal sauna. 

2.  Garden Pond

The garden pond is a great addition to any size garden and is a way to add some decor outdoors. These come in many designs and can be filled with stunning lily pads or become a home for some beautiful Koi. 

3.  Infinity Pool

Finally, the infinity pool is that specialised pool that just continues forever and ever. This type of pool fits in well with a modern home, and obviously works well with a home on a cliff or a hill. Plumbers can properly install all the water jets and make sure that the pool has well constructed pipes to keep that pool flowing forever. 

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