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Plumbers in Benoni

Located just outside of the city of Johannesburg, the small town of Benoni is well known for the famous people it has produced, such as Charlize Theron, Bryan Habana and Princess Charlene. Besides being a fame producer, this town forms part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality along with other locations like Alberton, Boksburg, Brakpan, Edenvale, Germiston, Kempton Park, Nigel and Springs. Benoni’s inception began when gold was struck in the 1880s, and present day towns mining industry has vastly decreased. The largest contributor to the economy of Benoni today is the booming industrial sector that provides business, employment opportunities and traffic in and out of the town. 

What do Plumbers do?

So we all have a brief idea on what plumbers do technically speaking, but how can we explain what they do holistically? They are trained in the skill of installing and repairing water lines and pipes, waste disposal systems and all the appliances in your home that must have water to run sufficiently. Plumbing is a highly demanding job both physically and time wise. Plumbers are called at any time of the day or night to attend to a variety of issues and emergencies. Plumbers are well versed in solving problem with relation to underground pipes and drains, and even hidden items and creatures that might be stuck or lodged in your facilities! 

What does a Plumber Cost?

But do not pity the plumber for his lack of boundaries, plumbers are one of the highest paid professionals in the construction industry. They do work day and night but they also charge handsomely for their services. Plumbers have been known to charge their customers anywhere between R 350 to R 1000 per call out session, depending on what the job entails, and how they need to solve the issue. Emergencies and after hour calls are at an additional cost to this fee, and will also depend on what the client needs. With this estimation we can expect a plumber to make upwards of R 9000 a month excluding commission and added extras. Factoring in their hours per week, which are usually 40 hours a week, a plumber could make R 1000 a day just on hour long jobs. 

Appliances that Involve Plumbing

So we know what plumbers can fix for us when have those bathroom mishaps, and burst pipe emergencies, but what else can they do for our homes and buildings? Plumbers can help us install appliances that we all cannot live without. Below we have outlined some of these appliances.

1.  Dishwasher

Every modern or 21st century kitchen is being installed with a dishwasher lately. These machines have been saving so much time on the frustrating chore of washing dishes and is saving water too. With the help of a plumber, your dishwasher can be placed, and fixed into your kitchen today. 

2.  Washing Machine

This is also an absolute necessity today, and there are so many variations of the washing machine. They also save a lot more water than washing piles of clothing by hand. The trick with washing machines is to connect them in a convenient space, and in a place where water is able to drain easily. This is one of those jobs that you most definitely need a plumber for. 

3.  Geyser or Water Heater

Most people would not know where to begin with the installation or even the purchasing of a good, reliable, and quality geyser for their homes. With the proper consultation from a professional plumber, you will never be stuck on what to buy. These systems run through your entire house and provide you with hot and cold water that flows smoothly. 

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