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A Dynamic444 foi fundada em 2007,contando já anteriormente com largos anos de experiência e inovação no sector da construção
The Hamilton Group
Why choose us? Started and run by two plumbers, The Hamilton Group has evolved over the last 4 years to offer plumbing,
Burst Geyser Replacements Centurion 0716260952 (No Call Out Fees)
geyser installations We offer the following: Expert and qualified personnel for the opening of drains Repairing or replacement
Centurion Plumbers Rooihuiskraal 0714866959  (No Call Out Fee)
Centurion Plumbers 0714866959 ( No Call Out Fees , All Areas) Centurion
Koster GmbH
Seit  mehr  als  35  Jahren  sind  wir  Ihr Spezialist  für  kleine  und  große  Bäder, Familienbäder, barrierefreie und
Geyser Repairs Centurion 0768620394 (No Call Out Fee)
geyser installations We offer the following: Expert and qualified personnel for the opening of drains Repairing or replacement
Humberto Carmo
964170411-Humberto. Já tenho 72a. Canalizador e muitas outras reparações, elrctricidade, calha técnica, Hoteis, empresas
Geyser Installations & Repairs Centurion 0714866959(No Call Out Fee)
geyser installations We offer the following:  Expert and qualified personnel for the opening of drainsRepairing
Hieber AG
Wir sind ein auf Badgestaltung und -modernisierung spezialisierter Handwerksbetrieb mit über 45 jähriger Erfahrung. Zudem
舜郁管業 新北市泰山區新北大道六段353號一樓 電話02-29031733 傳真02-29042819 Line 0925209605 水電材料 配管材料美亞發泡被覆不鏽鋼管 MK系列 力銓另件保溫護蓋 LCT 奕華日製雙壓接配件 BENKAN
Centurion Rooihuiskraal Plumbers 0793194633 (No Call Out Fee)
Welcome to Centurion Plumbers, a plumbing company with a track record taking pride in serving our customers with dedication
Pretoria Centurion Plumbers
Pretoria Centurion plumbers are professional plumbers in the Pretoria and Centurion regions of Gauteng, South Africa. We
Plumber Nelspruit
Plumber Nelspruit is a dedicated plumbing team in Nelspruit, South Africa who helps clients with all things related to plumbing
Azienda specializzata in impiantistica idraulica e condizionamento operante da più di 40 anni nel nord est dell'Italia.
Plombier Lyon
Notre société Plombier 69 est l’une des meilleures sociétés qui se spécialisent dans le domaine de plomberie générale à
Aquarian Projects
We specialize in all residential plumbing installations, maintenance and repairs. Bathroom and kitchen renovations. Rain
Fontaneros Zaragoza
Fontaneros Zaragoza con amplia experiencia en instalaciones y reparaciones. Calidad y experiencia garantizadas. Desplazamiento
La société Thermocom est spécialisée en plomberie et chauffage sur Lyon et Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne. On vous propose des interventions
The Somerset West Plumber Pro (Pty) Ltd
Somerset West Strand Plumbers are a plumbing company in the Helderberg, South Africa. We have served our clients for many

What does a Plumber do?

Any person who has ever encountered a broken toilet or busted water pipe will know the importance of having a professional Plumber nearby. Indeed, it is these unsung heroes who install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and other related appliances and fixtures to keep our homes (and offices) running in tip-top shape.

A Plumber can be employed by a company or a contractor, both of which are experts in the construction / plumbing industries. However, they can also work on their own, in which case it is vital to build a solid reputation to obtain more clients.

What are the main responsibilities of a Plumber?

·         Analyzing water distribution systems schematics to know where to correctly place pipes as per a specific design, and re-adjust relevant details where necessary;

·         Preparing, measuring, and adjusting the necessary pipes before placing them in the correct spaces and order via specialised power tools (where applicable);

·         Placing pipes inside walls and under floors, and creating openings when called for;

·         Checking that there are no leaks and that all pipes are correctly sealed and properly connected;

·         Installing, repairing, and troubleshooting air-conditioning equipment, steam and hot water heating systems, and other residential/industrial appliances;

·         Installing and repairing gas, air, water, fire protection, and waste disposal systems;

·         Inspecting and testing pipes for any leaks and broken parts;

·         Instructing clients on how to properly care for piping systems;

·         Analysing, collecting, calculating, and comparing data before preparing estimates.

Is it mandatory to work with a Plumber?

Many people love to try out their DIY skills, especially when it comes to tasks that are normally carried out by professionals like Interior Designers or Gardeners. However, sometimes there are certain household jobs that should really be left to the pros – and a Plumber is one of those experts you don’t want to leave until the last minute.

When it comes to the plumbing of your house or business, stick to hiring a professional for these reasons:

➣Trade skills and knowledge

Just like an Architect knows all about designing and building structures, a Plumber is very clued up on all things related to plumbing. Thanks to their training and experience, they can usually pick up an issue without even inspecting it. Far too many DIY plumbing jobs have ended in a frantic call to a plumbing company due to homeowners’ lack of skills.

➣Correct tools and safety equipment

Having the right tools and safety gear is just as important as the skills and knowledge when it comes to plumbing. Think about how crucial it is to keep a Plumber safe while he/she undertakes the stable installation, efficient maintenance, and fast repair of a structure’s plumbing system. Besides, using the wrong tools for a plumbing job is a great way to not only cause more damage and cost more money, but also ruin said tools.

➣Insurance requirements

You don’t want the fine print of your home insurance policy to bite you when it becomes time to make a claim. Almost all policies require a skilled professional to undertake crucial jobs related to electrics and plumbing. Thus, rather hire a seasoned expert and get documented proof of a qualified tradesman before attempting a DIY task.

➣Legal requirement

In certain instances, the law requires you to contract a Plumber, such as major changes with plumbing fixtures, water supply, etc. And for any gas works, you need a Plumber with a gas fitter’s licence.

When is it REALLY necessary to call a Plumber?

Want to sidestep personal injury and major expenses? Then phone up a Plumber in case of:

➣Low water pressure

There can be multiple reasons for a dribbling sink and shower, such as pipe obstructions, city supply issues, and bad pipe design. A professional Plumber gets paid to recognise the real issue and provide a suitable solution. DIYing a low-pressure problem can only lead to a damaged home and sewer lines, plus result in a continued low flow.

➣A lack of hot water

If there is no hot water, then it’s usually because of a broken water heater. But to pinpoint the reason for that water heater to break down takes more skill and knowledge. Thus, get a professional who has been trained to deal with anything from minor problems to total breakdowns. Besides, working with electrical- and gas systems, both of which are used to operate water heaters, when you’re not trained to do so can only result in personal injury and costly damages.

➣Blocked pipes

Anything from tree roots to non-flushable items can affect a sewer line. Instead of risking thousands of rands to try and determine the reason for your blocked sewer line, rather get a pro to come and provide a safe solution. You don’t want your home (and possibly your entire neighbourhood) to be exposed to raw sewage, do you?

➣Burst pipes

Burst pipes are no fun, especially when the weather’s freezing (which is usually when the frozen water in the line expands and causes the pipe to break). And since you don’t have the training, how are you going to begin searching for the affected pipes, since the damage can occur in your yard, below your foundation, and/or behind your walls.

➣Major installations

Having a professional Plumber is especially important with remodels and renovations, since these projects usually involve altering existing piping systems and/or installing new ones. Want to risk a ruined renovation and very expensive repairs? Then try and DIY those pipes!

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