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Painters in Tembisa

Tembisa is a large township in the north of Kempton Park and is located on the East Rand of South Africa’s Gauteng province. The township was founded in 1957 with its name is derived from the Nguni word “Thembisa” meaning promise and hope.

Historically, Tembisa was not allowed to create employment centres within its area. That is why nearly all of its inhabitants commute on a daily basis to areas like Kempton Park, Olifantsfontein, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Midrand. In addition to taxis, Metrorail also provides transport for Tembisa residents, as it operates the commuter trains between Tembisa and central Johannesburg, which is about 40 km away.

In terms of properties, the average estimated value of a house in Tembisa was calculated as R480 000 for April 2019. For the same time period, two-bedroom structures made up the majority of available properties according to property24, with 61 being available (followed by 42 three-bedroom ones).

What is a Painter?

A Painter is a professional whose job it is to prepare and paint the interior and exterior surfaces of structures such as houses, bridges, etc.. Depending on their work and industry, they may also work on numerous other objects like cars, furniture, etc.

Typical job duties of a professional Painter involves removing old paint, priming surfaces, choosing materials, selecting and mixing colours, and cleaning up job sites. A Painter may also be responsible for managing employees, handling finances, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Painters can be employed by construction companies, contractors or building management companies, or work on their own. These professionals generally learn their trade on the job or through an apprenticeship.

Is experience important when searching for a professional Painter?

Whether you are looking for a Painter, an Architect, an Interior Designer or a Floorer, someone with experience in their type of work makes all the difference in the world.

Take Painters: they can work on a wide variety of projects—from the industrial blasting and re-spraying of paint on bridges and hand-painting intricate woodwork on a Grade II listed building to painting a focal wall in someone’s living room. And since no two painting projects are necessarily the same, it’s worth finding someone who knows what type of paint (and finish, and equipment, and waiting periods… ) are required for your type of painting task.

If possible, ask to view some of the Painter’s previous work in person and even speak to some of their previous customers. The advantage of this is two-fold:

·         It enables you to check out the quality of their work,

·         And you’ll get a clearer picture of what type of person / professional they are and what it’s like working with them on a day-to-day basis.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional Painter?

1.  Time saving

It’s true that you might save a few rands DIYing a paint project, but let’s not forget that painting can take up a lot of time – if you want it done perfectly. Painting an entire house, for example, can take a few weeks if you paint for a few hours every single day (of course this depends on how big your house is). And as you’re already busy enough, don’t you owe it to yourself to leave that painting project to a professional?

2.  Safety

Painters are constantly standing on tall ladders or scaffolding, climbing up on roofs, leaning out of windows, or doing something crazy in order to get the job done. It might be true that 90% of painting projects are relatively safe, but that doesn’t change the fact that 10% pose a major chance of injury. Why risk it when you can hire someone with the skills, knowledge and experience to know how to safely and effectively complete that painting job without hurting themselves? Professional Painters not only know how to properly use a ladder, but also how to measure their level of fatigue, which is why they never push their own limits as they know what’s at stake.

3.  Quality

Splashing paint onto a wall is not the most difficult thing on earth, but the trick is making it look like a top-notch job. More importantly, do you know how to make those hard-to-reach places look equally well painted? Professional Painters do, and they are also aware that the small gaps under side panelling or above doors are extremely important. That is because if you don’t paint those critical areas, your home is more susceptible to mould, critters or other types of damage. Thus, hiring a professional will not only help the paint to look better, but will also protect your home much better.

4.  Speed

A professional Painter will usually have three to four people (at least) working on your house at any given time. Do you really think you’re going to finish that painting job faster than all of them combined? And with this extra speed comes the peace of mind of knowing that, within just one to two weeks, you will be relaxing in your freshly painted house instead of struggling to complete it yourself.  

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