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Port Elizabeth is known for its friendly citizens, so much so that it’s dubbed the name “The Friendly City”. It was also one of the cities to host the games during the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Because of its location along the Algoa Bay Eastern Cape, it’s rich with unspoilt, glistening, sandy beaches. Whether investing in property, business or looking to visit on vacation, Port Elizabeth is the place to be.

Painters in Port Elizabeth are always busy helping to refresh and maintain great looking buildings and private properties. You can get these professional painters to help you with your very own painting projects and get the best look for your place.

What does a painter in Port Elizabeth do?

Painters are typically responsible for mixing the correct paint colours and applying it properly to surfaces. They have various techniques and always have a keen eye for detail because painting requires a degree of precision. Some responsibilities of painters include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Applying the paint to the surface

They must know what type of paint will work on various types of surfaces including concrete, wood, canvas and floor types.

2.  Idea of modern colours

Besides the technical skills of a painter, they should also know what are the latest trends in colour and paint technology advancements.

3.  Sandpaper, prime, scrape

The preparation process can involve various things including priming, scraping and sandpapering a surface. All of this must be done long before the actual painting starts.

4.  Move furniture and scaffolding as needed

Physical strength is necessary for painters, as they are required to move items as they paint. Moving items include erecting scaffolding and the use of ladders to reach even further. They also need to shift furniture about to get to all of the interior walls of a house if the house is already furnished and the same applies to commercial buildings.

5.  Must be able to do maintenance

Some companies need a professional painter in Port Elizabeth on call out to do the maintenance like repainting or changing the current colour to something new and fresh.

6.  Negotiate prices

One of the things a painter has to do is be able to negotiate prices and give quotes. This will help their clients to be able to plan better when it comes to the budget for the actual project.

7.  Clean up

Keeping the place clean after the painting is completed comes with the territory of painting. You professional painter will naturally clean up after having painted and moved the furniture about.

What types of painters in Port Elizabeth are there?

1.  Construction painters

When it comes to construction painters, they need to apply the paint to the structure, as well as stains and extra coatings to the exterior or interior walls of a building.

2.  Maintenance painters

For maintenance work, maintenance painters must remove old paintwork and use tools to do so. They also need to fix some structural parts of the building where needed before being able to paint a fresh coating. Some maintenance painters are used on industrial structural sites to help maintain the features such as used in oil rigs and bridges amongst others.

3.  Artesian painters

Artesian painters specialise in decorative painting. These will involve décor pieces, furniture and lots more. Some of their techniques include sponging, rag rolling, distressing and colour blocking.

4.  Disadvantages of being a painter in Port Elizabeth

There are many disadvantages when being a painter. The risk of falling from a tall structure is high and painters also risk muscle aches and sprains. Some painters who use chemical paints with harsh ingredients can be at risk of toxic exposure. In recent years, more and more paint companies and paint manufacturers are steering clear from harsh chemicals and instead use ingredients that are more organic. However, painters are still exposed to other elements such as dust, and irritants.

How can I find a painter in Port Elizabeth that is reliable and will work on my project?

Doing some homework before hiring the actual painter is a wise decision. Not all painters work for specific contracting companies and many individuals are self-employed. Trust is very important and you want an individual who is going to supply quality workmanship and materials as well as a good price. Quality isn’t cheap and that can be said for most things. Source for quotes from painters you can find on homify. You can also ask people for referrals.  

Once you’ve found the ideal painter to work on your project, make sure that you have references from them, and also other samples of their work. You must also ensure that you only pay part-payment and the rest after the job is done. You can inquire about payment options beforehand.

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