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Painters in Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg, located about 480 km south-east of Johannesburg and 77 km north-west of Durban, is the capital and second-largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Founded in 1838, it is one of South Africa’s most distinguished tourist destinations thanks to its attractive features like widespread beaches and lush forests.

In terms of architecture, Pietermaritzburg is one of the best-preserved Victorian cities in the world. Some of its more celebrated and historic landmarks include the Old Colonial Building, the Burger Street Jail, and The City Hall, which is the largest red-brick building in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though it was destroyed by fire in 1895, it was rebuilt in 1901.

For April 2019, the average estimated value of a house in Pietermaritzburg was R520 000. The price for apartments was slightly higher, coming in at R 660 000 (according to property24).

What does a professional Painter do?

A professional Painter prepares and paints interior- and exterior surfaces. Depending on the project, they may work on residential houses, commercial offices, industrial factories, or even smaller items like cars, furniture, garden fences, children’s toys, etc.

Their general job duties include:  

·         removing old paint

·         priming surfaces

·         choosing materials for a project

·         selecting and mixing colours

·         cleaning up job sites.

Should they head up their own painting company, a Painter may also be responsible for managing employees, handling finances, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A professional Painter generally learns his trade on the job or through an apprenticeship.

How do you know if a Painter is truly professional?

Of course it is of the utmost importance to hire a Painter that can bring a world of experience and professionalism to your project – but how do you check that the candidate you’re considering is the correct one?

There are quite a few qualities a professional Painter will exude before they start to work. Check for the following:

1.  Timeliness

If you are kept waiting at your first appointment by the Painter without so much as a pre-notice from him or her of a delay, red flags should be raised. A professional Painter, just like a professional Interior Designer, Gardener, or any other expert in the industry, should understand the need to be early and not to waste a (potential) client’s time.

2.   Attention to detail

A perfectly painted project is the one in which every detail of the space is considered. Test the candidate’s attention to detail by showing him/her a portion of a wall that has a little rough edge and some possible nail holes. Ask him/her to then examine the space and tell you what needs to be implemented to ensure a perfect paint job. If they don’t notice the nail holes that need filling or the rough edges that require being smoothened out, they might not be as professional as you had expected. Should you not have a surface to be tested, engage with the Painter on their past projects. From the conversation, you should be able to pick up what matters most to them: quality or money.

3.  Organisation skills

A professional Painter will stand out from the rest due to his/her concern with doing a neat and organised job. They will probably request to see the space that needs painting, find the most convenient time for the painting to commence, and list all the materials that are required to do the job. This is because proper planning and organisation go to great lengths to make the workflow easier – something which only professionals would know. If, however, the Painter is not concerned about any of these and would rather discuss pricing and start-date, you might want to hold off on hiring them right away.

4.  Courtesy

A negative attitude can say a lot about a person and their approach to their work. Courtesy is a terrific attribute of a professional, since he/she must have dealt with various groups of people in the past and, thus, understands how to behave civilised and proficient with a client.

5.  Lots of experience

It might not be a deal breaker, but it is a necessary quality when looking for a first-rate professional. Over the years, a professional Painter is expected to have learned the best practices in both relating to customers and completing projects to the best of his/her capability. Therefore, the Painter should be able to recommend designs and paint brands, among other things, to suit a particular space and project. If the Painter has no idea where to start in terms of colours and finishes for a home or office painting job, they might not be the best candidate.

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