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Painters in Newcastle

Newcastle is located at the foothills of the northern KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg Mountains. Founded in 1864, it was the fourth settlement to be established in Natal after Durban, Weenen, and Pietermaritzburg. During the 1800s, the town was first named Post Halt Number 2 as it served as a stopover for many postal coaches for obtaining fresh resources.

Today, things look considerably different for the once little town now known as Newcastle, for it has flourished into a busy centre as well as the largest town in northern KwaZulu-Natal. But even though it has progressed, it is still known for its rich cultural history, as evidenced by the many battlefields located in and around the city, including Schuinshoogte and Laingsnek. One can also scope out various monuments which can be linked to the First Boer War and the Anglo Boer War, such as Fort Amiel.

For April 2019, the average estimated value of a house in Newcastle came to R840 000, as per property24. Three-bedroom properties also made up the majority of available listings for the same time period, with 553 being listed as available.

What does a Painter do?

Whether you are looking at a house, a car, a bench or a bridge, the odds are pretty great that it was painted by a Painter. Working in a variety of jobs to paint things, painters use their skills, knowledge, and a wealth of specialised tools (such as brushes, rollers, and electronic spray guns) to ensure their painting projects are completed as perfectly as possible.  

Professional Painters always use drop cloths and cover or remove anything in the nearby vicinity which might be subject to spills and splatters. In addition to painting, Painters also prepare surfaces by scraping or sanding, applying primer or base coats, and picking the ideal colours and finishes for the final product.

Depending on the project they’re busy with, Painters can work indoors and outdoors. Some may use specialised safety equipment and ventilators to stay safe, such as painting a skyscraper.

Does a Painter face any health- and/or safety issues?

Electricians undergo vigorous training to ensure they stay safe while performing dangerous tasks relating to electric wires. However, just because Painters don’t work with electricity doesn’t mean they don’t come into contact with various hazardous situations on a day-to-day basis.

These hazards can include:

·         Working at great heights (such as painting a ceiling or roof)

·         Standing on ladders, platforms, and scaffolds

·         Risk of injury from falling objects

·         Working in confined spaces

·         Working in awkward positions or performing repetitive physical tasks that could lead to injury

·         Proximity to flammable or combustible materials

·         Exposure to bird and rodent droppings

·         Risk of eye injury

·         Exposure to bacteria, moulds, and/or fungi

·         Exposure to paint products, solvents, lead, and other toxic substances

·         Standing for long-lasting periods of time

·         Lifting heavy or awkward objects

·         Exposure to heat and ultraviolet radiation

·         Electrical risks from painting surfaces situated close to live electrical cords or equipment.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional Painter?

1.  It saves time

There are quite a few things that must be done before you can start painting, like prepping the walls, filling up holes, etc. With a professional Painter by your side, these (and more) are all taken care of.

2.  It ensures quality results

With a professional Painter comes a wealth of experience and knowledge. Thus, they are more likely to use high-quality products that best suit your house’s walls. In addition, a Painter can help you choose colours and finishes that are better suited for your setting.

3.  They are detail-oriented

Professionals, whether they are Painters, Kitchen Planners, Gardeners or Architects, focus on the smallest of details that most of us wouldn’t even notice. And when it comes to painting a house, whether it’s the exterior façade or an interior focal wall, you want the small details to be just as perfect as the larger ones.

4.  They are efficient

Since Painters make a living out of painting, they can dedicate full days to a project, which ensures more high-quality results. This ensures a much more competent painting job than you could manage while juggling work, family, etc.

5.  They are well-equipped

A proper paint job requires more than just paint and a brush. To paint an entire house, for instance, one requires safety gear, caulk, patching tools, various paints and finishes for different surfaces, spraying tools, etc. Professional Painters approach a project with all of these tools, saving you not only time and money, but also ensuring first-rate results so that everyone knows you made the smart choice and hired a professional.  

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