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Painters in Kimberley

Kimberley is the largest city in the Northern Cape province as well as the capital city. This city is located just shy of 100 kilometres from the Vaal and the orange river. The old and historic city has great significance to South African diamond and mining history. This city has flourished ever since diamonds were discovered here hundreds of years ago during the second Boer War, where powerful men like Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato made a fortune from the recently discovered diamonds. 

The city’s architecture still has some reminisce of post war buildings which were very much Victorian. What is found entertainmentwise nowadays are malls, shopping centres, casinos, night clubs, bars, museums and stunning famous old churches.

What Does a Painter do?

A painter is so much more than just that, a painter. They seal a home decoratively and add that personal touch that gives a homeowner a home. Although, many clients are not aware of all the different projects that a painter can migrate to and can easily be trained into doing. Painters can not only paint house and the occasional building like structure, but they can also move into the industries of painting toys, automobiles, furniture and even electronics. Painters are also trained and must be skilled in using a variety of brushes, both small and extremely large, painting rollers and electronic spray guns which are commonly used for ease, consistency and to reduce wastage. All of these tools ensure that the painting job is done in  line with the best quality and at the fastest pace possible. 

Painting Your Kitchen

This is the room where delicious meals and treats are created for families and friends to sit and enjoy one another's company. Surely the kitchen was made to bring people together, why not do that in style. There are many options that painters will give you for a room as luxurious and spectacular as a kitchen, but let us split that up and make it easier, based on what style most applies to you. 

1.  A Rustic Style Kitchen

Some of the best and most delicious food comes out of a kitchen that basic and even rustic in its design and appliances. A rustic kitchen is very simplistic and does not usually have new or modern appliances. They work solely on the bare necessities, like a gas or coal stove, raw and rough materials like bare and unfinished wood, bare brick walls and so on. Colours that work here are greens, neutral browns and nudes as well as grey. 

2.  A Modern Style KItchen

The modern kitchen is all about white. White in combination with the odd beige, brown, black, or grey. Some modern kitchens do add a wild splash of colour, such as yellow, red, blue or green, but not too often. This kitchen also has a variety of materials being used together like porcelain in the sinks and floors, aluminium in the appliances and handles around the kitchen, and wood. 

3.  A Country Style Kitchen

This is probably the second most popular style of kitchen to design after, as it is perfect for those really large families and allows for such warm tones and materials to be used. The best suited colours for this style of kitchen are definitely deep browns, beige, oranges, occasionally black and dark greys. The country style kitchen makes use of a lot of wood, and different types of metals that create the perfect natural and modern combinations.

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