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9 Painters in Johannesburg

Painters in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is known as the ‘City of Gold’ to almost every South African near and far. This is so, due to the fact that precious gold was discovered here in the year 1886 on the Reef of Johannesburg’s main city. This grand city is called home to over 3.2 million residents where almost 50 percent of the population is under the age of 34, making this country’s majority population very young. Some well populated areas in and around the entire city of Johannesburg and the larger area of Gauteng are Fourways, Lonehill, Parktown, Rosebank, Ferndale, Roodepoort and one of the biggest of them all, Soweto. All these areas have one thing in common: stunning properties and homes. These great homes need to be dressed well, and this is where we look at the painting of a home or building. 

Popular Homes in Johannesburg

Within the growing business sectors of certain areas in Johannesburg, there is a need for comfortable, affordable and ample living situations for those who are employed in the area. Three of these rising business and commercial areas are Lonehill, Fourways, and outer Sandton. These areas are filling up with community residential areas that comprise of gated estates, blocks of flats or apartments, as well as many luxury townhouses. Because of the growing influx of people moving to these areas and the like, the real estate industry has begun to accommodate for them and very well too. Residential community apartments, estates, and townhouses can start from R700 000 to anywhere near R10 million, where the area, security services, school district, and availability of shopping experiences have all been taken into account of the overall value of the property. 

What Services Painters Offer

Painters are great professionals to have on site when you are constructing a new building or just want to give your own home a touch of personality. Painters are known to work in many and more than one industry, if they are not in the building industry they can be placed in the industry of automobiles, houses, toys, you name it. They also use a variety of brushes, painting rollers and electronic spray guns to get an entire object covered for an all round quality job. Professional painters will be known to use supplies such as drop cloths to keep clean, cover and remove any excess paint or mistakes, which are usually accompanied by other important supplies such as turpentine and stain removers. Painters will also have to understand and be skilled in preparing surfaces in order for them to be painted smoothly, which involves scraping the surfaces as well as sanding them, applying a primer or a base coat to lay a clear foundation, and finally making sure the paint is mixed correctly to make sure that the exact colour is revealed on the walls.

Trending Paint Colours in 2019

Now we can have a peak at what paint colours are trending for not only your home, but for other items too, such as your cars, your exterior homes and interior homes, and even your nails. Starting off with a timeless paint colour, hazelnut brown. This is a colour that has been used year after year. Hazelnut is a warm, inviting, and natural colour that suits any and every home, and is perfect for a living room. The second trending colour for the year is lilac grey, which may sound complex but is similar to a cloud grey. This colour can be sleek in the right setting, yet calming too as well as act as a blank canvas for any room to be decorated. This colour suits rooms such as bedrooms, and sitting rooms. 

The third colour that we can look at is dark green. No, not the primary colour dark green, we are referring to the colour closer to hunter or forest green, which is a strong, favourably winter or cold weather colour, and also a very rich colour which will therefore be perfect for dining room and even an office or personal study. Finally, we can look at the wonderful trending colour range of muted pastels. These are pastels that have a certain matted finish look. Muted pastels are perfect for baby rooms, and the kitchen as they are clean, gender neutral and exude cleanliness. 

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