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Painters in Diepsloot

Diepsloot is a very densely populated township that continues to grow on a daily basis. It is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Mainly condensed with informal settlements and government subsidised houses, there are thousands of residents who dwell here and work in the surrounding areas. The surrounding areas of Diepsloot are mainly newly developed areas and suburbs of Dainfern, Chartwell and Steyn City. These areas are the ones that we will be focusing on when we talk about professional painters. 

What Can a Painter do?

A painter is a professional that is a crucial part of the construction process and industry. Painters put the figurative cherry on the top of a complete building, both on the exterior and the interior. This applies to your own home, your office building, your shopping mall, you she-shed and almost anything you can imagine. Painters follow a step by step process before they add the colour of paint that you have chosen. Painters will commonly use industrial sanders that will give the surface a smoothened finish that is ready for a primer or base coat. They might also add sealers before they paint the item the desired colour, and this will depend on the material make-up of the surface, and what colour the paint is. What a sealer or a base coat does is it protects the wall from scratches, stains, and natural elements like water flooding, extreme heat and sun, and not forgetting extreme cold weather conditions. 

The Cost of a Painter

A painter costs will usually include the supplies they might need or alternatively the supplies that they will be bringing for the clients job. Most painters however, do bring their own paint trays, paint rollers and brushes, extended ladders and metres of sand paper and sandpaper machines. Painters do not usually come alone when called in for even medium sized jobs, for example, painting a house or any double story building. They will come in teams of between 4 up to 10 painters, in order to complete the job on time and to make sure that the paint job is evenly done to meet time constraints. Painters can charge their clients depending on the size of the job and how many painters are needed too. In South Africa, painters can cost between R500 to R1000 a day when all the factors are considered. 

Should I Paint my Ceilings?

The ceiling is often the most forgotten element of the home or even the office, but this needs to change. Ceilings can become dirty and grimy over time with a lot of dust, cobwebs, and faded paint. Here are some suggestions that will leave everyone looking up instead of down at your ceilings. 

1.  Use Different Colours

If your walls are green, red, beige or even plain white, choosing a completely different colour for your ceiling is a good start. For example, if your walls are white, a soothing beige, lavender, or even a pale blue is the perfect extra touch of colour. These colours work perfectly in kitchens and bedrooms

2.  Choose a Matte or ‘Flat’ Finish

This idea will subtly add some definition to any room if your walls are glossy the ceiling should have a matte finish to it. This creates angles and textures of depth, as well as making the ceiling easier to clean once that needs to happen. This also opens up a variety of colours for ceilings. Some of the best matte colours are browns and nudes, greens and blues. 

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