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Painters in Cape Town

Cape Town or (Kaapstad) as it’s known in Afrikaans, stemming from its Dutch name during colonialism, and also known as “iKapa” the Xhosa name, is shrouded in beauty. With all that natural beauty and places to see comes the perfect opportunity for investment in property as well as business to name a few. Even students make their way to Cape Town as it offers some of the country’s most reputable Universities and College options for further internationally recognised studies. Fondly dubbed as the “Mother City”, it is indeed, one of the oldest cities established in South Africa. In fact, Cape Town can trace some of its official recorded beginnings in the 1400s, as recorded by Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias but the region has been in existence even before explorers set sail.

Since there are so many great investment opportunities, it goes without saying that painters in Cape Town are pretty handy when it comes to

“freshening up” a property.

What do painters in Cape Town do?

Painters have very specialised jobs that take a strict eye for detail, precision and accuracy. While it may look easy watching a painter go about his thing, there’s nothing easy about it, especially when having to tackle and navigate large buildings.

Painters work on various projects from tall building structures, and houses, to model cars and ships. They not only work with paintbrushes and rollers but are also required to use spray guns in certain situations.

Some responsibilities of painters in Cape Town

  • Being able to mix and match colours required for various surfaces
  • Move furniture to access the areas to be painted
  • Work with scaffolding, ladders and other extensions to reach the area to be painted
  • Having a rough idea of how long a project could take to complete
  • Knowing how much the materials and overall costs include will be so that the client can be aware of this before the job starts
  • Using tape to seal off areas not to be painted
  • Making use of drop sheet to cover and protect areas from paint
  • Understanding exactly what the client wants and needs from the project

Other skills include:

  • Customer services
  • Being able to properly communicate
  • Solving problems
  • Not afraid of heights
  • Good time management
  • Pay attention to fine detail
  • A degree of strength and stamina as painting is very physical and strenuous

How do I find a painter in Cape Town?

There are many options to find the right painter to help you with your project whether you’re painting your house interior or exteriors. There are also great online directories such as homify, with a variety of painters and other professionals that you may need. Also, check the following when looking to hire a painter:

1.  Measure your options by getting some quotes and see which will best suit your budget

It’s important to weigh your options when it comes to your budget, who can offer you the best and still supply the same degree of quality?

2.  What work have they done before and do they specialise in any specific painting niche?

What do they specialise in? Some painters spray paint cars, some only work in construction, and others only work on residential projects.

3.  Do they have any references that can vouch for their work?

Who can vouch for their work and can you get the trust of previous clients?

4.  Are they able to give you estimates in advance?

When working on your budget, again, you need to know how much it will cost so that you know where you stand financially.

5.  What’s their credentials like?

Did they study before becoming a painter or are they self-trained? How about their experience, do they have enough experience?

6.  Can they supply a guarantee for their work?

It’s important to know if they can guarantee their work, after all a paint project isn’t cheap and comes at a high cost for some. As this is also part of your investment, you surely want the paintwork to last for a long time.

7.  Don’t pay for everything at once

Another important thing to remember when hiring a painter in Cape Town is that you shouldn’t pay everything at once. In fact, many contractors should only receive part-payment for the work to ensure that they complete the job properly.

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