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Painters in Bloemfontein

The city of Bloemfontein is located in the South African province of the Free State, which means “fountain of flowers”. Besides the flowing fields of flowers found there, the city also has many nicknames, one of them being “The City of Roses”. This historic city has so much offer starting with its many tourist and visitor attractions like their annual Rose Festivals, luxury tea gardens, cycling tours through the city, and even the Loch Logan waterfront. Bloemfontein is very lively in sporting events, one of the most famous being their world class rugby and football teams, the Cheetahs and the Bloemfontein Celtics. Other places of interest is the Bloemfontein National Botanical Gardens, the National Museum of Bloemfontein, and the Anglo Boer War Museum. 

What do Painters do?

A professional painter is a very important part of the construction industry as they seal the deal with brushstrokes that just complete a building. They provide the exterior and interior dressing that covers the walls of your homes, office buildings, and every building really. Painters follow many processes before they can add that splash of colour and elegance to a wall. With the use of industrial sanders to smoothen or finish a surface, they also add sealers and base coats before they add the desired paint. Sealers protect walls, especially the outside walls, from a variety of scratches, stains, and natural elements like water flooding, extreme heat and sun, as well as cold. 

The Cost of a Painter

Painters can cost anything from R100 to over R3 000, depending on the job they are hired to do, the amount of paint involved, as well as how they prefer to charge their clients. Painters can charge their clients in three ways; by the hour, by the amount of painters they will need and for the overall cost of labour, and lastly, by a flat rate charge where additional costs may be added. The most popular choice of charging a client is by the hour, where for example, they are hired to paint a three bedroom double story house They would need to bring with them, supplies like paint rollers and brushes, paint trays, extended ladders and even some sand paper or a large industrial sander. This would be included in their hourly charge as well as the amount of labour that is required, which might total at R500 or R800 a day. 

Interesting Colours for an Office

The look, feel and flow of your business office building, inside and out, can severely affect the company morale, and productivity of everyday work. Employers must consider how the decor and in turn, the colour of an office is perceived by the employees and their clients that will experience it too. Businesses like clinics, grocery stores, and advertising agencies all have to think about what message and feeling they would like to convey about their business. 

1.  Blue and Teal

Colours that are similar or belonging to the same family as blue, are known to stimulate the mind, which increases productivity in the workplace. Any colour related to this colour palette is perfect for encouraging concentration and staying focused in stressful environments. Although this colour is a great enhancer of productivity, it is also not a good thing to overpower the office with it either. 

2.  Green

Green is a great colour for inducing calmness, balance and reassurance. This is something that most companies forget to inspire their workers to practice these emotions at work. Whether it is a bright green which is vibrant and energetic, or a luxurious velvet or forest green, that can bring trust and a feeling of security, green in all its shades is the perfect colour for your companies office. 

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