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About Tembisa

Tembisa is a much-loved township in the heart of Gauteng South Africa and home to a friendly, vibrant population. Tembisa was originally established on an old farm after the farm was sold to acquiring parties, it became the place were certain groups of folks were allocated during a time of segregation.

Many years after segregation, the region began to thrive again and with that came many talents such as a love for design. Landscape architect in Tembisa is regularly contracted to help with the development of outdoor spaces and properties.

What is a landscape architect in Tembisa?

A landscape architect is a skilled individual that works on a large-scale of land. They are responsible for the development and designing of outdoor spaces. In most cases, landscape architects work together with local governments and municipalities to create places such as parks, communal gardens, and playgrounds for kids. They may also be involved in the development of certain constructions such as roads, farms, and other places involving lots of land.

Safety precautions in landscape architecture

Landscape architects in Tembisa and throughout the country, not only consider the aesthetic features of a place, but also the safety. Since they create spaces for the public, which involves merging the outdoors with whatever buildings, build in and around the area, safety is always paramount.

Picture this, a building structure such as a tall skyscraper but with that, the contractors may want to add some nature into the design. This takes the skilled eye of landscape architect. A landscape architect will need to carefully plan and design how the natural elements such as a garden, trees, and plants will fit in with the skyscraper design. The architects must craft a situation that will accommodate the ground, natural structure, and changes in the topography.

Landscape architects knows what's suited to the climate

Another skillful trait of professional landscape architects is that fact that they know so much about nature and thus they can pair plants, trees, and flowers that will complement each other. Where someone without training may consider only the beauty of a certain tree, they may fail to be aware of the fact that alien trees may be parasitic to indigenous plants. So, when they take on a project such as designing an entire heritage garden or forestry, their skills are highly sought after. After all, when designing a place of such a nature it requires planning for the long-term and thus cannot afford to incur damages and loss of natural plants due to outside factors.

The weather is another important point when dealing with landscapes because certain climates are good for some plant species. For example, Xerophytes will thrive in hot and even desert-like temperatures, whereas plants with thinner leaves may not do as well. Again, planting the correct greenery to suit the climate in the region is very important.

Who can hire landscape architects in Tembisa

Professional landscape architects are flexible when it comes to what they do. They are contracted in government projects and buildings, as well as commercial and private industries where housing estates of a large scale may be needed. Some people with acres of land on their private property may need the skilled help of a landscape architect to help them make the best use of space for their property. Just like an interior designer or architect, these professionals also have a knack for seeing the potential of a place, long before the completed project. It's as if they can see into the future. They can thus help the owner find more clarity and envisage their place in a new light.

What important aspects will landscape architects help me with?

Due to their skills and ability to work with landscapes and natural environments, another thing these professionals learn is the following:

  • Learn to work with various grounds whether sloping, steep or flat terrain
  • They work with various drainage systems as well as improve on current systems were needed in an existing place.
  • Landscape architects in Tembisa have a unique skill set when it comes to weather conditions in a certain region.
  • Specialised landscape architects may only specialise in a specific area whereby they are most familiar with the ground, weather, and other natural elements of influence.
  • They work closely with building and construction contractors because they are able to give a better account of the terrain and any compromising elements.
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