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Landscape architects in Port Elizabeth

As one of the most visited spots in South Africa, Port Elizabeth is a tourist locale that’s buzzing with activity throughout the year. Besides the crystal blue waters and white sands, the city is also famous for other tourist attractions like its heritage buildings. Port Elizabeth has gained popularity due to various numbers of urban regeneration projects that have taken place in the recent past. They’ve revamped the entire look of Port Elizabeth and landscape architecture has a huge role to play in this. 

What do landscape architects do?

A landscape architect is an expert who crafts the outer exterior of a home. Sometimes, landscape architects work as a team alongside an engineer, and designer and choose the right spots of a home that can be worked upon. 

A landscape architect will come up with concept ideas for the exterior space of your home. For example, based on a client’s desires, they will advise you on the proper spot to construct a swimming pool or a patio. They take several factors into account when they begin configuring their ideas, such as topography, climate, area, size etc. 

Afterwards, they chart layouts strategies, and analyze the practicality of some of their client’s wishes. Changes in the topography of the site is also the prerogative of the landscape architect. So, for example, if the land needs to be levelled and dug up to make way for a swimming pool, then these are all requirements that are handled by the landscape architect. 

Landscape architects usually present their ideas to their clients in 3D format or on blueprints illustrated on charts. 

Difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer

It’s easy to confuse the two professions, but there’s a huge difference between the two. While landscape architects focus on the structure of an exterior space, landscape designers on the other hand, focus on the aesthetics of that space. 

Both of them usually work together as a team to analyze, and come up with a solution to meet their client’s requirements. Landscape designers would focus more on horticulture and garden designing etc, whereas a landscape architect is more concerned with the drainage system in your outer space, the fences, piping, lighting etc. 

Before you decide to hire a landscape architect, you need to have a good enough space to work with. Landscape architects are mostly employed by those who have houses with yards and bigger gardens. It’s practically not feasible to hire a professional landscape architect if you live in an apartment. 

Design ideas for your exterior space

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a backyard with ample space, it’s a distant dream for urbanners who live in metropolitan cities, so if you have one, don’t waste it. You can convert your space into an oasis of beauty and make a space that’s warm and inviting, and a place where you can unwind and relax. Here are some ideas that you should consider: 

Pergolas are perfect for relaxing. The summers in Port Elizabeth can be unforgiving. Wouldn’t it be exquisite, if on a sweltering hot day, you could relax under the shade of your pergola sipping on a margarita? With a light yawning of chiffon or silk, you can add a pop of colour to your pergola and add some brightness to your backyard. All you need to complete this, is a set of comfortable sofas that you can lounge on while basking under the shade of your pergola. Location is everything when it comes to landscape architecture, and nothing can beat Port Elizabeth when it comes to pergolas for your home. 

If you have green fingers, then you can turn a drab backyard into a space that’s in full bloom. But when you consider growing plants of different varieties and colours, it’s also essential to remember that it needs to be done in a sustainable way. Native plants do not consume a lot of water and are ideal in this regard. Exotic plants are expensive when it comes to the upkeep and they require a lot of water. Indigenous plants are familiar with the terrain and have successfully adapted themselves to thrive in that particular topography and climate. So, they’re your best bet. 

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