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Landscape Architects in Polokwane

Polokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, is one of the largest cities within the Northern Province of South Africa and its name means “safety”. Polokwane also features many things to do including game viewing thanks to its close proximity to the Kruger National Park. Landscape architects in Polokwane are constantly working with commercial and residential industries to help create better outdoor spaces for all individuals and natural living organisms.   

What is a landscape architect?

Landscape architects are highly skilled professionals that deal with designing and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. You can see their handiwork in the likes of parks, playgrounds, sports fields, shopping centres, universities, and many more.  While you may be thinking that they are only contracted for government work, but the truth is that some of them do residential homes too. This means you’re able to hire an expert that can help you truly make the best of your property’s outdoor living spaces and entertainment areas.  

Apart from having exceptional communication skills, these professionals are able to design and craft spaces that will blend well with the current elements. Designing skills and being able to visualise is one of the most important skill sets of landscape architects in Polokwane. When problems occur, you can be certain that they are trained to solve these problems as efficiently as possible.

Why should you hire a landscape architect in Polokwane?

Landscape architects can help you improve many things and even if you want to redo the landscape of your garden and outdoors. There are more reasons why you should hire a professional landscape architect:

1.  Add value to your home

Hiring an expert for landscaping projects can help to increase your property’s value, giving you more for your ROI in the end. Another benefit is that they can help you to improve your lifestyle for a healthier one by creating natural greenery that generates cleaner air.

2.  Reduce the cost to your home

Landscape architects not only know about water-saving irrigation, they can also help you install solar power solutions for your garden needs and therefore help you reduce the cost of utility bills.

3.  Get expert skills and advice

Not only are these architects skilled, but they are also qualified, so you can be certain that you’re getting a professional opinion about all your landscaping needs.

How do I find a landscape architect in Polokwane?

Many trusted landscape architects in Polokwane and in South Africa are registered with the Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA). You can thus trust them to be not only professional but also recognised by a formal and official institute within the country.

You can also search trusted directories like homify for listed professionals within your area or region. Many professional landscape architects also have websites that you can go to and have a look at the work they’ve already done in their portfolio.

It’s also great if you can see reviews and hear what others have to say about them and their services, as this will give you an even better idea for your final choice.

What do landscape architects in Polokwane charge?

Every professional has their own rates, and some provinces charge distinctly higher one from the other and vice versa. So the best thing to do once you’ve found your short list of landscape professionals, would be to request some quotations and let them know what you have available to spend. When you’re open and communicate about your budget and things you’d like to achieve with the project, those professionals are able to efficiently help you. With them having a better idea, they can then be able to resource materials and other equipment whilst keeping to their client’s budget limits.

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