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Walt Landscape Architects
Walt Landscape Architects is a landscape architectural company based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We provide the full scope
Lemontree Landscape architecture and Design
Professionally registered landscape architect with 16 years work experience.  Passion for the design and benefits of playgrounds
Mohlolo Landscape Architects
MLA strives to improve environmental quality on our projects and to add to the quality of life of people who move through
Uys & White Landscape Architects
The company is actively involved with the planning, design and project management of landscape development projects, recreation
Founded in 2003, Jardíssimo offers a wide range of services in the areas of landscaping and engineering, including garden
Nosaltres Toquem Fusta S.L.
Empresa joven dedicada al paisajismo interior y exterior. Nueva visión del paisajismo introduciendo el arte y sensaciones
Boceto Arquitectos Paisajistas
Boceto AP es un estudio de arquitectura de paisaje fundado en 2009. Nuestro compromiso es diseñar y crear espacios exteriores
Jardín con Clase
¿Qué sientes cuando disfrutas de un paseo por la naturaleza? ¿Y cuando contemplas la inmensidad del cielo estrellado sin
Vertical Garden - Jardim Vertical e Paisagismo Corporativo
For more than a decade Vertical Garden has been offering the best and most up to date vertical garden solutions. We specialize
Hace más de 25 años que nos dedicamos a la jardinería, realizando proyectos y diseños de paisajismo para satisfacer
Arquitectura Vegetal SL
Arquitectura Vegetal es una empresa cuya actividad principal es la Jardinería y el diseño de jardines exclusivos así como
Natura Paisajismo Urbano
Estudio de paisajismo con experiencia internacional.  Diseñamos jardines totalmente a medida, realizando el proyecto
Jardinería y Paisajismo. Diseño y creación de fuentes de agua, arroyos y cascadas.
Estudio de paisajismo e interiorismo vegetal con base en Barcelona. Dirigidos a plantear, dirigir y ejecutar proyectos de
ARCADIA GARDEN Landscape Studio
Фирменный «почерк» нашей компании выражается в непохожести и разноплановости стилевых решений каждого нового сада. Только
Verde Lavanda
Verde Lavanda es una empresa conformada por profesionales amantes de la naturaleza y la jardinería.   Buscamos
Oltre trent'anni di architettura, design, natura, arte, cultura, eccellenza, lusso che raccontano lo stile Mellogiardini
Projects of Landscape ArchitecturePlan of Comprehensive (2D,3D) Planting System with identifying photos (Plantation and

Architects in Krugersdorp

The city of Krugersdorp is nestled within the vast West Rand of Johannesburg. This city has a lot of entertainment, shopping experiences, and skillful designers and architects on offer for miles on end. There are tons of things and activities to enjoy on this side Johannesburg especially in the farmland section of the West Rand. Looking back in time, the city has a rich history surrounding the gold mining that is notorious all over Johannesburg. The standard weather that is experienced in this area of Johannesburg, is usually year round sunshine, but the West Rand in particular, weather conditions are quite extreme; when it's hot, its very hot, and when its cold, it's very cold. 

Now let us talk about the homes that are found in Krugersdorp. The home here are known to be large inside and out. The back garden, or backyard, is especially large and also includes a pool area and seating space outside. These two are the areas that are of most importance to us, as we will be taking a look at landscaping in all its professional context. 

The Landscape Architect

A landscape architect is more than just a glorified gardener, they have a very important job when it comes to the design, organisation and implementation of the clients garden or gardens. A landscaping architect or professional landscape designer is someone who is hired to carry out tasks that involve creating garden concepts through close work with the client. They are also skilled in every aspect of any outdoor environment that requires the effects of the botanical sort. They are especially skilled in perfecting the art of harmonising a home or office or any building with the nature that is around that space. 

Although, a landscape architect focuses on the larger, more commercially developed landscapes that are usually spaces made for a botanical garden, a large corporations’ property or headquarters. They are also called in or hired for projects such as private affairs, which could be family homes, game reserves or even private resorts.More private projects such as these are not uncommon as the demand for professional landscaping is on a steady rise. 

What a Landscape Architect Can Offer You

A landscaping architect can offer their clients a professional service that will ensure quality designs that will suit your garden and your home. Something to take into consideration when planning a landscaping project, is the correct purchasing and placement of quality and correct species of plants that will not be an inconvenience much later down the line. 

Plants are not just about which looks the most pretty, or which has the most colourful flowers. One has to consider which plants are not alien to the natural environment, and which will accommodate the other species in the garden. Consideration of plant diseases, vegetable and fruit bearing plants may also cause a problem with rodents who come to feed. If you have pets, there are many plants and flowers that dogs and cats are allergic to, that could be deadly for your loved ones. 

What You Might Want in Your Garden

1. A Gazebo

This is a fantastic idea for any client who has a spacious backyard. This is a built in space that can be designed as a seating area that can placed next to the pool, right in the centre of the garden, or strategically placed under a large tree for maximum shade coverage. This is a great way to have a special outdoor space that can have storage for necessities and a covered area for all types of weather conditions. 

2. A Koi Pond

This is also a great addition to an elegant, calming, and serene garden. The Koi pond might be pricey to install, but the tranquility will last a lifetime, with the soothing water and the beautiful Koi fish that are great pets for a lifetime. These ponds can be plain ponds, or they can have stunning water features like a fountain to help circulate the fresh water. 

3. An Indoor Garden

If your outdoor garden is not enough for you as a plant lover, why not bring the inside with an indoor garden. This can be placed virtually anywhere in the house depending on how big you would like the garden to be, where it will be placed and what the draining situation for the plants would be. Some consideration must be put into what kind of plants will be placed inside; are they plants need a lot of direct and natural sunlight? Or do they need more shade and fresh air? These are some things a landscape architect can help you with.

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