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Landscape Architects in Kimberley

Kimberley has a rich heritage and history shrouded in the diamond industry. The region is popular for its “diamond bearing” soil. In fact, diamonds were first discovered on the 13 October 1867 and later gold, hence today, it is known for mining activity and processing of precious stones and minerals.

Kimberley is also no stranger when it comes to breathtaking landscapes, national parks and many more to see. Landscape architects in Kimberley are always working hard alongside other professionals to help create beautiful, natural spaces of this stunning region.

What does a landscape architect in Kimberley do?

The duties of a landscape architect include but are not limited to the following:

  • Meeting with clients and engineers to discuss the process and project at hand
  • Discuss and plan the existing elements regarding the environment to work with
  • Assess reports based on land structure, drainage systems, and other aspects about it
  • Select proper tools to use in the landscaping processes
  • Prepare presentations based on graphic models and 3D designs

Landscape architects in Kimberley work on government projects, city structures, public parks and gardens, scenic landscapes, and lots of outdoor work. Working with other professionals in engineering and construction, they assist with planning the locations of roads, walkways, and natural environments. They are knowledgeable with things related to plant species, trees, and greenery that is suitable to a region or space.

Landscape architects in Kimberley also improve the natural environment creating better spaces for harmonious living between people and nature. With natural innovation, landscape architects in Kimberley also improve the environment by implementing water saving solutions. They also use solar-powered equipment to reduce the need for electricity. Storm waters are efficiently retained and methods to absorb air pollution are implemented, such as green roofs or garden roofs. (Read more: Why you should be using solar panels at home)

What are the benefits of hiring landscape architects?

Landscape architects are specialized in various skills, and thus having them on your team is a huge benefit. Apart from being able to design excellent and unique environmental structures that synchronize exceptionally well with other buildings, they also specialize in the following:

1.  They are able to solve problems efficiently

Outdoor spaces take more than just a simple thought because when it comes to landscape architects they need to consider everything. From drainage systems and irrigation to plants, weather patterns in the region and the terrain. Problems can occur on the project, and in some cases, these professionals are called in to improve a situation caused by additional problems like possible landslides and muddy conditions for instance. So solving problems are what landscape architects are trained and skilled at.

2.  They are creative

When it comes to thinking out of the box, you can rest assured that these landscape professionals have something great for you. They are able to work with a current situation and add additional elements to improve the overall finish. Creativity comes as second nature where these pros are concerned. (Read more: 12 creative and affordable ideas for your patio or garden)

3.  Excellent communication skills

Communication is one of the key factors when it comes to landscape architecture. They need to stay in constant communication with their clients as well with the people that they are collaborating with. Communication can be verbally or in writing and plays a fundamental role in achieving the proper results at the end.

4.  Technical software and computer skills

When it comes to landscape designing, these professionals need to be skilled and knowledgeable with special computer aided software, as well as 3D designing amongst others. In addition to technology, they can also create free-hand sketches if needed.

5.   They can visualise in advance

One of the many crucial skills that designers of all niches have is the ability to visualise. Sometimes it’s hard for an untrained eye to see the complete picture amongst all the “noise” of the other elements surrounding it. However, skilled professionals can see the potential of any space and can help their clients see it too with communication, presentations, and models.

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