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Cape Town or also fondly known as The Mother City is one of the oldest cities to be established in South Africa. It is shrouded in history and popular for its many tourist destinations such as Table Mountain, Robben Island, and Boulder's Beach, to name a few.

The Mediterranean climate of the Cape, along with the stunning sandy beaches and vibrant population, makes it a sought after destination. Landscape architects in Cape Town have long been part of the shaping of this beautiful city contributing to many scenic destinations including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region.

What do landscape architects do?

Landscape architects in Cape Town and throughout South Africa are responsible for using the natural surroundings of nature and working with it to create seamless beautiful spaces. These spaces can include public parks, gardens, and recreational facilities. While their knowledge of plants is essential, they also have to work with various building structures that will form part of the whole space.  

These professionals often work closely with the local municipality to design and plan various public spaces. In essence, many of their projects include commercial and government projects. They also assist and work with residential homes and can thus help plan a large Mediterranean style garden for example.

With the focus on innovation and functionality, a park or public space cannot merely be in existence as simply a garden for instance. Instead, these landscape architects must ensure that they implement innovative technology and structures such as water-saving watering systems, or solar powered energy generation for instance. 

What degrees does a landscape architect study for?

Landscape architects study Computer Aided Software (CAD), as well as other software programs that will aid their work. At the end of their studies, the qualified professional would have acquired a Bachelor of Science and Landscape Architecture. The individual can also choose to pursue a Master's degree, thereafter they will obtain a license to practice in their field.

What are the duties of landscape architects?

  • Have meetings with their clients and the civil engineers on the project
  • Draw up site plans and the estimated costs
  • Draw up a plan of existing land and plans of what the land will look like after the project
  • Using CAD, they need to draw up 3D plans and create a presentation
  • Acquire the proper landscaping material and personnel for the job
  • Inspect the environment conditions and things related to energy sources
  • They will be on site and in the office overseeing the progress of the project

What are the benefits of hiring landscape architects in Cape Town

Working with a professional landscape architect means that you're getting the best advice and firsthand experience when it comes to synchronizing with nature and surrounds. They are well versed in all things related to plant species, weather patterns within the Cape Town region as well as any additional aspects that may affect this region. Even the region's geographical structure will be considered in the design and completion of a landscaping project.

➣  Other aspects that landscape architects take into account are the following:

  • Drainage systems
  • Drought prone weather patterns
  • Climate throughout the year and how it will affect the plants used
  • Able to work with steep sloped areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Elevation concerns

➣  Qualities and skills of landscape architects in Cape Town

The basic prerequisite of a landscape architect is to acquire a Bachelor degree of Science and Landscape Architecture. The individual can also choose to pursue a Master's degree, thereafter they will obtain a license to practice in their field. On top of that, acquiring the skill of Computer Aided Software (CAD) and other software programs that will aid their work is also a must.

At the end of all the training, these professionals will have the following qualities that include but are not limited to:

  • Excellent communication skills – which is crucial in their industry working with several other professionals as well as their clients
  • Problem-solving skills – every project may come with its own share of technical problems and the landscape architect will be able to solve these and complete the project.
  • They can meet deadlines – they work on deadlines and if there are no serious issues, they will strive to meet the set deadline without delaying the project.
  • Technical skills set – they have full knowledge and experience with computer-aided software programs and geographic information systems that will help compile a presentation to present to their clients.
  • Analytical skills – in this profession, it's imperative to keep a note of various factors that may directly or indirectly affect the project. So being analytical counts in the architect's favour.
  • Creative – these professionals don't lack creativity and in fact, are so talented they can create some of the most amazing parks and spaces irrespective of the size of the land.

If you're looking to do something different with your surrounding property or looking to build a communal space that is creative and innovative, then you'll find the help you need with landscape architects in Cape Town.

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