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About the city

The city of Boksburg is located on the East Rand of the City of Johannesburg in Gauteng. Boksburg as a city was formed in the late 1800's as a settling place for all the mining companies and labourers of the mining industry in that area. The mining town broke gold in 1887 and has prospered ever since. As a result of the origins of this city, in present day it is a  heavily industrialised city that is known for its working communities and large manufacturing companies. Within the city of Boksburg, one can travel to see the East Rand Mall which a local watering hole for residents, supplying the neighboring residents with adequate shopping, food shopping and restaurants and entertainment activities. 

Boksburg has many smaller locations or suburbs that can be found within the medium sized city. The average Boksburg home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, family room as well as a front (and back) garden. This size home can be priced at anywhere around R1 000 000 and R3 000 000. These homes can be found in well-known suburban areas like Sunward Park, Parkrand, Van Dyk Park, Windmill Park, Atlasville, Parkdene, Wiftfield and Reiger Park. The homes that were built in the earlier settling days such as the early 1990's, are commonly much larger and have separate leisure rooms like a bar or pool house. 

What is landscaping

The art of landscaping is a process whereby the landscaping architects are placed responsible for performing tasks like designing, creating garden concepts, working closely with the client. A landscaping architect or designer is a skilled professional who designs and advises clients on outdoor environments as well as any area that requires a botanical natural element. They are especially skilled in perfecting the art of harmonizing a home or office or any building with the nature that is a round that space. 

A landscape architect specializes in larger, more commercially developed landscapes that are more commonly found in spaces like a botanical garden, a massive corporations' property or headquarters. The landscape architect may even be brought on to cater to private projects, usually large family homes or a string of family homes that the client would like to all have the same aesthetically designed landscape. The more private projects are not uncommon as the demand for professional landscaping is steadily growing. 

Elements of landscaping

The exciting occupation of professional landscaping has many fun filled ideas and designs to choose from. There is a creative process of conceptualising a garden or a space, organising and adapting to the needs of the client or clients, finding a reliable supplier like a local nursery or joining one of the larger gardening tools and plant suppliers for bigger projects. 

Once this creative process is done, the fun begins when the landscape architect now begins the process of turning a vision into a reality. The clearing of land, turning of the soil, placement and digging all starts the process of landscape creation. There are some, these are not all of them, key factors and a handful of popular gardening elements that professional architects may include an assortment of garden furniture, the use of stone in many decorative and constructive formations such as pathways. Other popular elements may also include the colour and species of plants that will be used, as well as how the various flower beds will be arranged. 

  • Garden furniture 

The type of furniture that can be placed in and around a garden or a landscaped space, is completely dependent on what the finished product of the garden looks like; the colour, feel and age of the building that surrounds it; and finally, most importantly, it depends on the wants and needs of the client or clients being serviced. Garden furniture or outdoor furniture necessities will possibly include tables, chairs, shade giving umbrellas and some form of a lounger or day bed. (Read more: 7 Tips for choosing your outdoor patio furniture)

  • Stone pathways

There has been a rise in popularity of the use of stonework in landscaping that has been escalating for years. Because stone is so versatile and easily manipulated, it can be used just about anywhere. This example will be referring to stone pathways. These are a better choice as opposed to using wooden or artificial materials. 

  • Colour and species of plant 

Arranging a garden and its plants in some order of colour or species is also becoming quite trendy in a lot of homes and offices. This is usually done by arranging the flowers, plants and trees into colour coordinated designs. When landscape architects design according to species of plant, this means they design an entire outdoor area for example, with English species to create an authentic English garden experience. In the case of South Africa, many architects are encouraging the design of one hundred percent indigenous species in their environment construction. 

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