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About the city

The capital city of the province of the Free State, the city of Bloemfontein translates to fountain of flowers as it is known for their streaming lands of flowers. The city has also gained the nickname of 'The City of Roses'. Bloemfontein has much to offer for its visitors such as its Rose Festivals, tea gardens, cycling tours and even the Loch Logan waterfront. Many events and social functions held in the city of Bloemfontein, are generally designed and focused on the floral, rose theme that the city is so well-known for. 

Areas in and around Bloemfontein area  namely known as Waverely, Westdene, Dan Pienaar, Pentagon Park and Mandela View to name a few. The typical Bloemfontein home consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a seemingly large garden space. These homes are usually priced between R800 000 and can go all the way up to R6 million. Gardens in Bloemfontein are famously admired for their spectacular species of wild flowers and their natural landscaping style, that allows the plants to grow wildly instead of a more structured, and manicured garden. 

What is a landscape architect?

 A landscape architect is so much more than what many people think is simply a glorified gardener. These architects are skilled designers of outdoor areas which include city landmark areas such as the botanical gardens, they are also professional designers who seek to achieve behavioural and social aesthetic spaces that aim to fulfill environmental beauty for public and private consumption. 

These skilled professionals are responsible for site planning and design which are very demanding, time consuming as well as complex jobs that require a certain level of knowledge on landscaping and agriculture. The landscaping and professional gardening industry is one that attains profits of over R1 billion as of the year 2015, and growing what with the rise of the South African middle class home owner. 

What services do landscape architects offer?

The landscape architect can design anything from a private home garden to a multi-million rand commercial property with many gardens and parks, for example, a large company building or a residential estate where hundreds of homes are built. The architect can offer services ranging from conducting preliminary studies of the site including contours, soil, ecology, buildings, roads and heritage sites, to putting work out to tender, selecting a contractor and manager, mainly for larger projects, and leading cross-functional teams for landscape projects.

Popular landscape features

  • Stone pathways 

These inventive, creative garden element is a fun way for landscape architects and homeowners to create paths in and out of their gardens. These are not only functional elements but they can also be used to separate certain styles and species of plants from combining and growing together. The stone path can be created using many different types, shapes, sizes and colours of stones and pebbles. The pathway can have plants growing alongside it, on the outer edge of the path or in between the crevices of the stones. (Read more: 8 paving ideas for the front of your house)

  • Dramatic water features 

From extremely modern, sleek water features in the form of fountains, pools and ponds, to old fashioned classic pieces that resemble that of old Italy, a water feature is perfect for any type of garden. These water features are becoming popular for those gardens that aim to resemble a Japanese zen garden. The zen garden is commonly known for its calming, soothing and peaceful surroundings that include a variety of stones found in the pathways as well as in the many trickling fountains. 

  • Indigenous plants 

Indigenous plants are of great importance, especially in South Africa where the widest variety of flora can be found. The indigenous wild flowers, plants and trees that are found in Bloemfontein are much needed for the stability of the environment in terms of saving and maintaining the bees in wildlife. They are also special plants for the environment because they attract natural wildlife such as owls, and particular birds. 

  • Vegetable gardens

With the rise in the growth of organic foods, especially vegetables and fruits. Homeowners and even public gardens are beginning to grow fresh, organic fruit and vegetables for their own personally cultivated gardens. This is helping thousands of people all over the country provide food for their families and themselves. This is an economical and healthy way to enjoy and pick up gardening as not just a hobby, but as a healthy way of life. These vegetable gardens can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the gardens size and capacity it allows. The most common vegetables and fruit grown in these types of gardens are lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, spring onions, turnips as well as onions. 

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