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Drake Williams Decor
We specialise in creating the ideal kitchen space to suit your specific requirements, while still providing functional and
Samurai Kitchens
We Specialize In The Design Process As Well As The Manufacturing & Installation Of Your Custom Kitchen From Start To Finish
Eurocasa represents the design, elegance and perfection of Italian-made products. Coming from solid Italian origins, but
2MD Exclusive Italian Design
Imported Italian kitchens and furniture (light fittings, TV units, bedroom cupboards) 
Spitzhüttl Home Company
Spitzhüttl Home Company in Neubrunn bei Würzburg ist ein familiengeführtes Möbelhaus. Mit unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung
ADN Furniture
A empresa ADN Furniture esboça, desenha em 3d e produz mobiliário por medida. A empresa conta com uma equipa de design de
Toren Cocinas
Somos una empresa conformada de un equipo de personas, que de manera conjunta diseñamos y estructuramos espacios funcionales
Desenho Branco
A Desenho Branco desenvolve projectos de Design e é especialista nos ambientes de cozinha. O trabalho que desenvolve destina-se
DIONI Home Design
A DIONI Home Design está no Av.João XXI 12  em Lisboa para o ajudar a concretizar o seu espaço de sonho. Com o nosso know
Casa Interior
We deliberately want to make a difference in the kitchen industry centered on you and your family – That is our aim and
Specializzati in soluzioni di arredo salvaspazio e nella creazione di cucine moderne di piccole dimensioni anche
Kouch & Boulé
Empresa especializada en Reformas Integrales y Parciales y en el Mobiliario de Cocina Alemán de alta calidad.
Be One Mobiliario
Somos una empresa mexicana enfocada en la creación y rediseño de espacios para vivir o trabajar. Somos fabricantes de mobiliario
Marchi Cucine - Dialma Brown MX
Muebles y cocinas con diseño y fabricación italiana en madera sólida.
MODE ARQUITECTOS SAS es una empresa de arquitectos jóvenes de la UNIVERSIDAD PILOTO DE COLOMBIA, con experiencia en el campo
Bij SoWhat-design bieden wij keukenachterhanden op drie vaste formaten. Geprint op stek polyester/vinyl materiaal dat je
Design Manufaktur GmbH
Wir sind ein Einrichtungsstudio, welches in den Bereichen: Wohnen, Küche, Bad, Objekt und Lichtplanung tätig ist.
Diane Berry Kitchens
Since opening her own Kitchen Studio in 2002, Diane Berry has built up a reputation for an efficient, personal service and
Fabricación y exposición propia de cocinas. Estudio de cocinas con más de 25 años de experiencia. Mobiliario de cocinas
Beer GmbH
Individuelle Küchen und Möbel von der BEER Küchen Manufaktur im Münchner Norden Mit großer Leidenschaft und langjähriger

About Welkom

Welkom is the second largest city in the South African province of the Free State. Just a few hundred kilometres shy of the city of Bloemfontein, Welkom is also known as Circle City or City Within A Garden. The city was created after gold was discovered in the nearby region and was made an official town and settlement in 1948. This city has many attractions to offer its visitors such as the stunning Oppenheimer Golf Club, which is the perfect gathering spot for local golfers and patrons alike. Other interesting attractions in and around Welkom such as Erfenis Dam Nature Reserve, and the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve which brings in a large number of tourists from all over the country, with its game drives, nature tours and amazing big five game. 

What is a typical home in Welkom like

Moving on to the homes in Welkom, the typical Welkom home is a three to four bedroom home with accompanying two to three bathrooms. In some instances, there is a separate bathroom in the master bedroom. And that's not all, the other features of these homes are large driveways that lead into the common two door garage for convenient parking and storage space for two cars and household items. Not forgetting the rest of the property, a beautiful medium sized garden in the rear side of the house which in some cases may have a pool, and a small entrance garden in the front of the house. 

What does a kitchen planner do

Let us begin by defining what exactly a kitchen planner is and what they do. A kitchen planner is a professional interior designer who specialises in the workings of a kitchen. These professionals are hired to make sure that the client does not overcompensate for the initial grand ideas that fill the heads of many of the home owners who believe that a beautiful kitchen is easily done with a few Do-It-Yourself projects. The professional kitchen planner has a simple job to do: they must make sure that the needs and wants of the client or clients are met, they must then ensure that theses needs and wants are met within a reasonable and agreed upon budget, and all this must be done in a timely fashion. 

At the end of a job or a project for a kitchen planner, is to look over the completed kitchen that has been transformed, and they must tick the following boxes on a list of standards requirements. A re-adjusted or re-modelled kitchen must be a room that amazes, excites, intrigues but most importantly it must be able to serve as a functional space. 

The job description of a kitchen planner is a professional planner who completes a project by planning, organising and implementing those plans. Once those key factors have been completed, the planner will install lighting, flooring, appliances, windows, paint, drywall, doorways, counter tops, and other furnishings. A seasoned kitchen planner will be responsible for working with building contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers, and accessories. These accessories are usually tables, dishware like crockery and cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, and decorative elements that complete any and every kitchen. 

Essential elements of a kitchen

There are many things a standard kitchen might need. But that all depends on what the kitchen might be used for as well as how often the kitchen is used. The standard kitchen needs the following items for it be at its most functional:

  • A Stove
  • An Oven
  • Enough Storage
  • A refrigerator
  • A good amount of Counter Space

The elements that have been mentioned above are very crucial elements that make up a kitchen. But there are other factors that need to be put into place in order for the above mentioned to function. These factors are the kitchen floor, the windows and the storage options. The variations of what materials can be used on a kitchen floor is practically endless. A very popular choice for a modern family kitchen is the laminate flooring. This is a type of material that mimics that of a hardwood floor, but it comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Grey's, brown's, nuade's and sometimes white, are just the start of the options available. 

The windows are also a fun way to add a specialized and unique flare to your kitchen. The popular choice for a modern family kitchen are aluminium framed windows. These windows are so popular because of the ease of cleanliness. Not to mention the stylish colours and sleek shapes they come in. 

Lastly we will talk about the storage options and the way in which they can be designed to be attractive. When we talk about the storage we are referring to the drawers which hold cutlery, and other kitchen essentials. We are also referring to the cabinets that are needed for housing pots, pans, and plates and so on. 

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