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Samurai Kitchens
We Specialize In The Design Process As Well As The Manufacturing & Installation Of Your Custom Kitchen From Start To Finish
Eurocasa represents the design, elegance and perfection of Italian-made products. Coming from solid Italian origins, but
Drake Williams Decor
We specialise in creating the ideal kitchen space to suit your specific requirements, while still providing functional and
2MD Exclusive Italian Design
Imported Italian kitchens and furniture (light fittings, TV units, bedroom cupboards) 
Spitzhüttl Home Company
Spitzhüttl Home Company in Neubrunn bei Würzburg ist ein familiengeführtes Möbelhaus. Mit unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung
ADN Furniture
A empresa ADN Furniture esboça, desenha em 3d e produz mobiliário por medida. A empresa conta com uma equipa de design de
Toren Cocinas
Somos una empresa conformada de un equipo de personas, que de manera conjunta diseñamos y estructuramos espacios funcionales
Desenho Branco
A Desenho Branco desenvolve projectos de Design e é especialista nos ambientes de cozinha. O trabalho que desenvolve destina-se
DIONI Home Design
A DIONI Home Design está no Av.João XXI 12  em Lisboa para o ajudar a concretizar o seu espaço de sonho. Com o nosso know
Casa Interior
We deliberately want to make a difference in the kitchen industry centered on you and your family – That is our aim and
Specializzati in soluzioni di arredo salvaspazio e nella creazione di cucine moderne di piccole dimensioni anche
Kouch & Boulé
Empresa especializada en Reformas Integrales y Parciales y en el Mobiliario de Cocina Alemán de alta calidad.
Inicio Diseñadores de cocinas y reformas integrales en Madrid desde 1994  Somos una empresa con un equipo profesional que
Be One Mobiliario
Somos una empresa mexicana enfocada en la creación y rediseño de espacios para vivir o trabajar. Somos fabricantes de mobiliario
Alfa Forni
Convertir una herramienta tradicional como el horno en un objeto de diseño aclamado en todo el mundo por su “Made in Italy
Design Manufaktur GmbH
Wir sind ein Einrichtungsstudio, welches in den Bereichen: Wohnen, Küche, Bad, Objekt und Lichtplanung tätig ist.
Fabricación y exposición propia de cocinas. Estudio de cocinas con más de 25 años de experiencia. Mobiliario de cocinas
PTC Kitchens
Our kitchens are manufactured with German quality. The design and installation process is completed with the utmost professionalism
Beer GmbH
Individuelle Küchen und Möbel von der BEER Küchen Manufaktur im Münchner Norden Mit großer Leidenschaft und langjähriger
Raycross Interiors
At Raycross Interiors, we offer our customers a unique service - providing you with the same dedicated member of our experienced

What are the advantages of hiring a kitchen planner

Kitchen planners are expert individuals that specialise in creating the perfect kitchen space fit for easy cooking. Some people prefer gourmet kitchens, while others enjoy a galley style with some folks even preferring the kitchen to be separate from the living room. Either way, you want yours, expert kitchen planners in Vereeniging are here to help.

Maybe you've been thinking about it for a long time and you're considering having a kitchen reno. However, there's some anxiety about what, how, and when. This is why It's essential to hire kitchen planners in Vereeniging because they can help you see your vision in a clear light. What's more, is that they can help you make the best choices suited to your lifestyle and size of your home.

Your professional kitchen planner in Vereeniging can help you with more than just the overall kitchen layout. As part of working closely with their clients, they assist with the following:

Help you plan: Once you allocate enough time to plan your kitchen design, the designer will guide you with your next steps. Depending on what you want, you have to remember that kitchens are complex and require the correct amount of space and proportions for it to work in the end. 

See the bigger picture: Your kitchen planner in Vereeniging will help you to see the bigger picture and then work with you to show how to implement the elements of texture and other aspects that will design and complete the entire kitchen.

Visualize how you'd use your kitchen and its space: This is an important step into planning a kitchen, as this will be set once the kitchen is designed and built. Would you like to entertain guests in the same space with no boundaries of walls? This may need the look of an open-plan kitchen. How much space do you need to cook and get comfortable? Are you a tall person and require a higher sink and taller worktops? These are just some of the questions you should be able to answer before moving to the next step.

Be clear on what is needed and what isn't: It's not a good idea to hold onto items that you no longer use or won't need, as this will only create clutter of some sorts. Another thing when it comes to what you need and hat you don't, it's easy to want everything new and tech-advanced, but if your budget won't allow it then you shouldn't force that option. Go with what you can afford and one of the kitchen planners in Vereeniging will be able to help you make better choices.

Structure is more important than finishes: Sure, everyone wants a great looking kitchen but more than aesthetics is the thought of structure. With a kitchen planner in Vereeniging, you get expert advice because they are trained to work with space, structure, flow and efficiency. Kitchen planners can also help you to choose wisely so that you can work within your budget.

The pros and cons of common kitchen layouts

  • One-wall

With a one-wall layout, you get a space-saving design as the entire kitchen is on one wall, hence no island. It also gives a bit of a "neat" and "clean" finish almost perfectly organized. These types of kitchens can add extensions at a later stage. On the downside, if the wall used is too small, it leaves very little workspace. It can tend to decrease the value of the property in some cases because the space is so limited.

  • Galley

Galleys are great in some ways and the preferred choice for ships and aeroplanes, but when this is the kitchen style for your home, it doesn't always count as an advantage. These kitchens tend to be very narrow and leave little walking space for more people and thus a rather small kitchen. It isn't known for open airy and light characters, instead, these kitchens are usually darker. On the plus side, the ample workspace in close reach to each other makes things easily accessible. (Read more: Keep it practical with these 6 small kitchen designs)

The horseshoe kitchen is a common kitchen design and offers a bit of everything. Even without an island, it still provides plenty of countertop workspace, and if space allows it, then an island can be added later. On the downside, if the space is too small a kitchen of this layout can feel cramp and tiny.

The L-shape is another common design in kitchen layouts and this one uses two walls instead of one, thus the "L" in the shape. It's large enough to make cooking fun for everyone because of all the space. There is plenty of space for the appliances and worktops for prepping food. However, the downside is that if the L is long enough it's often the case that appliances are spread too far from each other which means more back and forth walking. The large size also means a dirtier kitchen and more time spent in cleaning up.

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