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3 Kitchen Planners in Tembisa

About Tembisa

Tembisa is one of the largest townships situated in the East Rand of the city of Johannesburg. It neighbors the area of Kempton Park and is called home to over 460 000 occupants that live in three types of homes; an informal settlement, a small dwelling usually a one or two bedroom house, or a private medium to large sized home with more than two bedrooms and bathrooms. This township was established in the 1950s when mine workers were resettled from another township called Alexandra, and from the areas nearby like Edenvale, Kempton Park, Midrand and Germiston. 

A typical home in Tembisa has a small to medium sized kitchen that is large enough to contain all the basics that every kitchen needs to be able to function. The basic kitchen in Tembisa has a wash basin sometimes two, a counter or table top that can be used for food preparation, there are also cabinets and drawers for storage of plates, pots and pans, cutlery and son on. There are also other essentials in a Tembisa kitchen such as a stove and oven unit, a refrigerator and sometimes a separate freezer unit too. 

Why you need a Kitchen Planner

With the rise in the ease of do-it-yourself guidelines and project scopes that make the average homeowner believe they can do just about anything in terms of the reconstruction and renovation of their kitchens. This is not always the case. Hiring a professional kitchen planner is almost a necessity as there are many things that could go wrong if you were to do it yourself, and hiring a professional kitchen planner would ensure that the utmost best is put into your kitchen as well as a quality, long-lasting improved kitchen. 

A kitchen planner is needed and preferred when an individual is considering doing some work on their kitchen for many reasons, the most important one being safety. It is essential to think about the safety issues that are involved when it comes to installing certain materials and appliances in the kitchen. The safety of the users of the kitchen is at risk if these objects are not installed, maintained and cleaned properly. 

Another reason for you to hire a kitchen planner is for functionality purposes. It is important to hire a professional kitchen planner for this reason especially, as the planner will realise things that the average DIY junky might not. Be able to have a fully functioning kitchen might sound obvious to anyone's ears, but there are many factors that might be left out. The kitchen planner will ensure that all the elements of the kitchen work together, for example, the lighting should effectively provide light to the entire kitchen, another example would be that the planner will make sure that there is enough space in the kitchen for body movement. 

Being stuck in a small, spaceless kitchen is definitely a nightmare for all homeowners. Making sure that there is enough space for doors to open, the oven to open all the way down and enough space for the fridge door to open the entire way might be a little to ask for but it is very important. 

Another reason to hire a professional kitchen planner is for the guarantee of a perfect aesthetic. The look, feel and decorative factors of a professionally designed and planned kitchen, is clearly noticeable and appreciated. The look of a kitchen, maybe even any room in the house is important to a homeowner for the cohesiveness of the room, the matching appliances, and especially for the appeal it brings inviting guests and family members. 

Key factors in a kitchen

Many kitchen planners pay a lot of attention to the materials used on the kitchen floor. Here, the planner has many functional and aesthetically pleasing options to choose from. The first option would be wood. The floor may be made from natural hardwood, which has always been a timeless classic for many homes. Although it is noticeably more expensive than other materials, it is absolutely worth it to choose as an option for the kitchen floor. Another sensible option for the kitchen floor would be a tiled floor. Now, there are many options for what shape, texture, style and colour the choice of tile. The most popular choice can be seen in the glossed ceramic tile. This tile adds elegance and modern feel with its shiny exterior and smooth surface, making it easier to clean. 

This is a very important element in any homeowners kitchen as it is the surface that guests eat open in some cases, and it is the surface that all meals will be prepared and served on. This kitchen countertop can be made from many materials, but it seems the most popular material to be used on this surface is granite. Granite can be found in three colours, namely black or charcoal, a beige almost brown colour and on rare occasions, it can be found in white. 

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