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About Polokwane

Polokwane is an urban city located in Gauteng in the Northern Province. It is easily recognized for the beautiful and almost mystical purple/blue Jacaranda trees that line many of the streets in the region. The large stature of this region makes it fitting to be served by 2 airports, and while it is a thriving destination and also served as host city during the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa, Polokwane is no stranger to visitors and investors.

So, now that you've got your ideal property purchased an taken care of, it's time to tackle those additional changes like your much loved kitchen. Hiring kitchen planners in Polokwane is essential if you want to get the best and most quality materials for your long-term investment.

Why should you hire kitchen planners in Polokwane?

Designing and planning your own kitchen is a great achievement and one to be proud of. However, making any crucial mistakes could lead to years of expense and trouble that could wear you out financially, and mentally. To make doubly certain that you're going to get a complete job that is perfect in every way, the help of skilled kitchen planners in Polokwane is very important.

➣  The experts know

Becoming qualified kitchen planners takes years of training, theory and work experience. In many cases, you'll be getting an experienced and knowledgeable person. This is after all, what you want for the perfect kitchen renovation or complete scratch to finish project.

➣  All about being safe

When it comes to safety within your home, many spaces could potentially pose a risk or hazard. When kitchen planners go about drawing up their designs, they go all out to create a working space that is functional and most importantly safe. Safety precautions are adhered to regarding floor space, workspace, and cooking areas. The kitchen is potentially one of the most dangerous places in the home, given all the equipment and tools that are not only sharp but also highly flammable. 

➣  All in the luscious look

Maybe you know exactly what you'd like your kitchen to look like, but may not possibly have the means to bring that vision to life. Your skilled kitchen planner can do this for you and is able to take your ideas and turn it into a beautiful design that you'll love. Another thing about working with professionals is that they're always on point when it comes to style, and aesthetics.

➣  Functionality and innovation

One of the things you want to see in your kitchen is the ability to glace accessibility as well as seamless tools and equipment that you can depend on.

Can kitchen planners help you save in your project?

Yes, there is a great possibility that you can save in the end because they are known to acquire quality equipment as well as materials. You want these quality items because at the end of the day it won't take having to replace several floors or backsplash tiles during the span of a year or two, or having to replace equipment for that matter. Rather invest in quality workmanship for your kitchen design and overall kitchen items, as this is guaranteed going to save you money in the end.

Another great way they help you save is the fact that many of them have connections with kitchen suppliers. For this reason, many kitchen planners in Polokwane can get some great materials and items that are of high quality at a more affordable price.

Note that once you've set your budget for the project of renovating or completely creating a kitchen from scratch, you need to be honest about your budget. Your planner will work within your financial budget and will then have a clearer vision of the project, including the cost to materials and appliances. (Read more: Top 7 kitchen upgrades for South African homes in 2019)

While on topic for saving, when you design a kitchen with skilled professionals, you'll also be able to get more innovation for your home. With energy-saving appliances and water saving equipment, you can enjoy efficient use of one of the most important spaces in your home.

How much will it cost to renovate a kitchen?

The cost to renovate a kitchen isn't the same for one person as it is for the other, and you could pay more or less depending on what you're having done. High-end materials and equipment will raise the cost dramatically.

Kitchen designers, according to Payscale South Africa can earn between R90,000 to R750,000 a year, depending on their skills and experience. Professionals residing in provinces such as Johannesburg and Cape Town are known to earn more compared to other provinces, thus location plays a role.

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