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About Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is located just at the foothills of the northern KwaZulu-Natal world heritage site, Drakensberg Mountains. Officially, it is the third largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal with a population of over 360 000 residents. These lucky few can look outside their windows and see nothing but the glorious mountainous landscape of Drakensberg array, Giants Castle, Champagne Castle and a few other additions to the range. There is much for the tourists and citizens of Newcastle to enjoy just based on their location, to experience their surroundings. Besides climbing, hiking and mountain side tours that are available to the public, there are local South African inspired restaurants, grocery and food stores, activities along the lines of horse riding and bird-watching. 

Moving on to the typical home in Newcastle, we can expect a three to four bedroom home with two bathrooms to accommodate occupants. These homes are famously 'cosy' and very welcoming. Many of whom are still a bit stuck in the late 1990s, seen by the type of tiles that are used in the social areas of the house like the kitchen, bathrooms and outside on the patio. Besides the bedroom and the bathroom, the rest of the house usually consists of a living room or family room, a large dining room usually able to seat eight to ten people. Finally, we look at the room that is the focus of the article; the kitchen. 

Why you need a kitchen planner

Let's start by defining what a kitchen planner is, which is a professional interior designer who is skilled in and is a specialist in the kitchen. A professional kitchen planner will be hired to ensure that the needs and wants of the client at hand are met, as well as making sure that things are achieved within a reasonable budget, and in a timely fashion. A kitchen planner is a designer who can transform a standard a standard kitchen into a room that invites, intrigues and serves as a functional space. A seasoned kitchen planner will be responsible for working with building contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers, and accessories. These accessories are usually tables, dishware like crockery and cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, and decorative elements that complete any and every kitchen. 

Because a kitchen planner is skilled in so many aspects of a home kitchen, they are the perfect professionals to hire when remodelling or reconstructing your kitchen. They can be a man advisory band when it comes to all matters of the kitchen. The planner will assist with giving you what you want from your kitchen, and doing so by using the best suppliers who have the most reliable, and stylish kitchen materials. This is to make certain that the kitchen in its integrity will be as long lasting and withstanding to the elements, through the use of quality materials. 

Elements that a kitchen planner can help with

Floors—A kitchen floor might seem like an unimportant factor to take into a lot of consideration. Yet, the floors are very important in determining the functionality of your entire kitchen. Even restaurants have to take much consideration into how safe the floors are, whether they are durable and can withstand immense heat or extreme cold. 

Counter Top—This could be made from laminate wood, solid concrete and of course the most popular, granite. Granite is the popular choice because of its versatility. It is an easy to clean, durable against extreme heat and cold, and comes in a variety of stylish colours and designs. 

Space Planning—This is probably the most important of the skills that the kitchen planner can offer to its clients. The way a kitchen is laid out ensures that a kitchen can do its job in the most simplest of ways. Having the correct placement of the bigger appliances like the fridge and the stove even the microwave, is a key factor in the organisation of your kitchen. 

Styles of kitchens

A modern kitchen is exactly what the name suggests. This style of kitchen is well known for its sleek and defined designs, their use of only the best materials like beautifully finished woods, a variety of tiles, marble and granite. These are classic combinations, but there are more materials that are being used in this modern day such as plastic, recycled fabrics and obviously tons of recycled glass. 

The next popular style of kitchen is the country style. This kind of style is very lavish in the most subtle way. Here, family style, large and very spacious kitchens are typical country. The infamous element that every country style kitchen has is a kitchen island. This helps to redirect space, add storage and creates a stylish twist on a bland kitchen. 

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