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About Mbombela

Often still referred to as Nelspruit, its former name, Mbombela is a city located in the eastern region of South Africa. It is the capital of the Mpumalanga Province and lies about 330 km east of Johannesburg (and about 82 km north of the Swaziland border).

In modern times, the area in and around Mbombela is again seeing a resurgence in property prices. This is thanks to the city's economy benefiting from its location near to Mozambique and Swaziland (from where many people come on a monthly basis for their grocery shopping), as well as tourism (Mbombela is a popular stopover spot for tourists on the way to the Kruger National Park or Mozambique).

In February 2019, no fewer than 2 708 properties were listed as available in Mbombela as per Property24. It was also estimated that the average value of a house in Mbombela is about R1 350 000 (apartments come in relatively cheaper at R 660 000).  

What does a Kitchen Planner / Designer do?

Whereas Interior Designers create or rejuvenate interior spaces, Kitchen Designers / Planners limit their areas to the kitchen. They do this by considering all the appropriate elements like cabinetry, flooring materials, lighting fixtures, cooking appliances, etc.

In addition to making their designs visually pleasing, Kitchen Planners must also ensure the final results are functional, convenient, safe for the client, and abide by building code. Kitchen Planners can design residential kitchens for houses, as well as commercial / industrial kitchens for restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres, or school / university cafeterias.

What skills are necessary to become a Kitchen Planner?

Most Kitchen Planners first train for a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design before specialising in kitchen planning.

To ensure the appropriate design for the client, a Kitchen Designer / Planner must have strong listening skills, know about local building codes, have CAD (computer-aided design) experience, possess a keen eye for detail, and be clued up on trendy kitchen designs.

8 valid reasons why you should work with a Kitchen Planner

Although it's not compulsory to employ a professional Kitchen Planner for your new culinary space's design, working with this sort of professional undoubtedly means you are privy to a few advantages:

1.    Kitchen Designers spend time on-site. The majority of clients have a day-to-day job to go to. For the Kitchen Designer / Planner, your new kitchen is their job. That means they are constantly on-site to oversee the work, coordinate with the contractor, and ensure everything proceeds as per the agreed design.

2.    They understand project management. Thanks to their training and experience, Kitchen Planners can see the big picture down to the last detail, as well as how to manage a project so that said details are implemented correctly and on schedule. In addition, they are also taught to work with costs, meaning your Kitchen Planner knows exactly how to stay within your relevant budget.

3.    They are up to date on trends. Taking visual beauty and functionality into consideration, a Kitchen Planner can add the latest trend to his/her design (if that is what the client requires), whether that be farmhouse rustic or sleek contemporary.

4.    They look at kitchens with fresh eyes. Lots of homeowners struggle to see beyond the simple layout of a cooking space. A Kitchen Planner is taught how to configure a kitchen with the best possible layout to make it practical.

5.    They are geniuses with appliances. Apart from deciding where the best spots would be for fridges and stoves, Kitchen Planners can also help you choose the right finish for those appliances.

6.    They can source much better materials. We regular folk know only about a small portion of what's available in the design / construction industry. Professionals are privy to an entire world of products, materials and finishes that we have no idea about, meaning you gain so many more options to choose from when working with a Kitchen Planner.

7.    They take practicality into consideration. A kitchen for a family with busy youngsters (who like to do homework at the island, for instance) will differ considerably from one shared by a couple. That's because Kitchen Planners know how to take a household's lifestyle into consideration when designing.

8.    They know how to save you money. Most of us have no idea what goes into designing a new kitchen. Kitchen Planners know exactly what to expect – they already have solutions for unforeseen occurrences that most people would never even think about. In that way, they can help to save you money and time by avoiding unexpected mistakes in the design- and installation process.

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