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About Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp is a city located within the greater city of Johannesburg. This city or area in general is found in the West Rand. The vast city was created when gold was discovered on the west of the Witwatersrand, and there was an instant requirement for homes for the settling place of the workers involved in the mining businesses that had been built there. This western area of Johannesburg has a prominent dominantly spoken language, which is Afrikaans. Krugersdorp is best known for the distant farmlands, where some have been converted or used for outdoor activities. Some of these activities are hot air ballooning, quad biking, scuba diving lessons, safaris and even bungee jumping. 

On to the focus of this article; the Krugersdorp home. These homes are famously large with many rooms and a large front garden, backyard and usually a pool. A typical West Rand home has between three and four bedrooms and have somewhere between two to three bathrooms, even a half bathroom in there too for guests. Alongside these great features, there are family rooms, like a living room, a television room and a dining room. Now the room that we are here to talk about; the kitchen. The homes in Krugersdorp have stunning large kitchens that have a double oven placement, a place for a stove unit and plenty of storage cabinets. 

What is a kitchen planner?

So we have all heard of the term but let us define what a kitchen planner is and what they do. A kitchen planner is technically a professional interior designer who specialises in the workings of a kitchen. Kitchens today are more than just a place to store and prepare food. On any given day, families and friends will eat, socialise and unwind after a long day. With that being said, it is important that a kitchen stays functional and beautiful as well. Designing a kitchen is easier said than done as it requires sufficient experience, knowledge and various skills of a professional designer in the industry. 

These professionals once hired, will assist the client in narrowing in on what they really need as opposed to what they think they need. Many homeowners believe that a kitchen can be re-done, re-constructed or re-designed with some Do-It-Yourself projects. This is definitely not the case, as those projects could go horribly wrong, they could be made with cheap materials, or the project might not even be necessary for that kitchen. 

What can a kitchen planner do for you?

A kitchen planner can transform your standard or tired kitchen into a room that invites, intrigues and ticks all the boxes of functionality that everyone deserves. The technical job description of a professional kitchen planner is a designer who starts a project by planning organising and implementing those plans. Upon completion of these plans, the planner will be actively involved in the installation of the lighting, flooring, appliances, windows, painting projects, drywalling, doorways, counter tops, and other furnishings. A well known and seasoned kitchen planner will be responsible for working with building contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers and other contacts that can provide accessories. The accessories mentioned above are usually tables, dishware like crockery and cutlery, glassware, serving dishes, and decorative elements that complete any and every kitchen. 

Materials in modern kitchens

Glass—One of the most popular materials used in a kitchen nowadays, because of its ease of access, its cleanliness and especially because it is stylish and a timeless addition to any kitchen. Glass is usually used in the kitchen cabinet doors, the windows obviously, and sometimes even the countertops. This material in particular can be used in not only a modern style kitchen, but also in a classical style, a mediterranean style, a country style and especially an industrial kitchen. 

Wood—This is one of the most important elements in a kitchen. This material can be used in many ways, but it is most commonly used in the cabinets, drawers, sometimes the countertops, and also in the window frames. Good quality wood is quite expensive to find and have installed, but it is all very much worth it. Quality, refined wood is naturally made to last a lifetime. Wood is also easy to maintain over the years, it is easy to clean and more importantly it is highly durable. 

Granite—The final type of material used in kitchens today is granite. This material became very popular over the last 1990s and now into the 2000s, for its durability, its cleanliness, and ofcourse for its stylishness and timelessness. Granite comes in a variety of colours and effects. There is a marble that also comes in a variety of colours, that seem to be the most popular choice. 

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