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About Kimberley, Northern Cape

Kimberley is the capital and largest city of South Africa's Northern Cape province. The city is known for its rich diamond-mining past; hence, its Big Hole covering 170,000 m² and which once reached a depth of 240 m.

Other notable man-made structures in Kimberley include the McGregor Museum (one of the earliest museums in South Africa); the Honoured Dead Memorial (a sandstone structure commemorating those who fell defending Kimberley during the city's siege in the Anglo-Boer War); and the Dutch Reformed Mother Church Newton (which is a fantastic example of Stucco architecture in South Africa).

In terms of property prices, the average estimated value of a house in Kimberley is about R900,000. Three-bedroom houses, which are the most popular listings in the city, have an approximate value of just about R1,5 million. Apartments' prices come in a little cheaper, with the average estimated value being R660,000 in early 2019.

How do Kitchen Planners / Designers differ from Interior Designers?

So, you are ready to turn that dull-looking cooking space into a dream kitchen, but you require some help. Who are you going to contact? An Interior Designer or a Kitchen Planner? Of course the answer depends on what you want done in your kitchen. And it might also help to know how these two professionals differ in their expertise.

Interior Designers might be the first answer by many homeowners. One of the main advantages of working with this type of professional on a design / remodelling project is that they will accompany you while selecting various materials, finishes and objects for your new space. With an Interior Designer in charge of your project, you have a lot of leverage and input, but the professional will still use their skills and experience to offer suggestions and ideas.

On the other hand, Kitchen Planners / Designers are the more specialised experts when it comes to kitchens. Similar to Interior Designers, they can also help you choose anything from paint colours and kitchen tables to new countertop materials, but they also possess additional expertise such as cabinet designs, space requirements in terms of a kitchen's work space, etc.

In addition, a Kitchen Planner is available to visit your home to meet with you and scope out your existing kitchen space. A site visit is also important for taking measurements, which they will need before starting on the new design. Once they have all the relevant info, they can provide you with a detailed price quote and an estimated timeline for your project.

Similar to an Interior Designer, a Kitchen Designer will ensure that the final design meets your expectations in terms of visual aesthetics and functionality, that all the correct materials, furnishings and décor are delivered, etc.

The top reasons why people hire Kitchen Planners

A beautiful kitchen may be one of the reasons why homeowners choose to place their new cooking space in the hands of a professional, but it's certainly not the only reason. Additionally,

·         They reduce stress: Being in charge of your own renovation project means you need to source vendors, sort out various materials and finishes, arrange the delivery of the correct furnishings, be available for the different installation processes, etc. Balancing all these with a full-time job and family can mean a project that takes much longer to complete, not to mention a great deal more stress for you and your household. Consider that, as a homeowner, you may not be clued up on all the details when it comes to construction and engineering. This can make it difficult to communicate with installers, particularly when issues arise with plumbing and electrical wiring. But hiring a Kitchen Planner will take the general role of contractor and/or project manager off your shoulders and leave the professional to organise the project, liaise with manufacturers, sort out unforeseen problems with tradespeople (with whom they will more likely already have long-standing business relationships), etc.

·         They save you money: Apart from learning about designs and functionality pertaining to cooking spaces, Kitchen Planners are also taught the ins and outs of budgeting. Thus, they are skilled to help you save money on cabinetry, appliances, countertops and everything in between while still taking into account your wants and needs for your new culinary space. And since they network with a variety of other professionals and manufacturers in the industry, they might also be able to score you discounts on a range of products, and/or offer you access to exclusive materials and finishes not available off the shelf.

·         They help you achieve your vision: Before a professional Kitchen Planner meets with you, he/she will already have years of training (and possibly experience) that will make them equipped to take on a kitchen design / renovation. They will know how to take a detailed brief from you to understand your requirements, work within your budget to balance the aesthetic beauty with the functional elements, and deliver a design that is perfect for your and your family's lifestyle.

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