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4 Kitchen Planners in Johannesburg

The world class city of Johannesburg is nestled in the heart of the Gauteng province and is well known as the City of Gold. Other popular names for the city are Jozi, Egoli and Joburg used by most South Africans. Johannesburg is home to over 950 000 inhabitants, making it the most densely populated urban city in the country swiftly over taking Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria by far. This great city is a property and consumer paradise with virtually anything and everything available for your home and property needs. 

Amongst the various urban areas we will be focusing on the suburban areas of Parkhurst, Houghton,and  Bedfordview. These are middle class to wealthy suburbs which usually house a standard family of 3-5 people, and therefore the kitchen like in any home, will be a key factor of the entire home. Johannesburg kitchen planners must have skilled creative and designing abilities to get the precise kitchen that the client has sought. 

There are many different styles of kitchen's that can be found in a Johannesburg home, especially in different areas of the city. A parkhurst home might have a smaller kitchen due to the more compact plot sizes that the homes are built on. A Houghton home will have a much larger kitchen as the sizes of the homes in this area are infamously large. The luxurious homes found in Bedfordview have also got a large kitchen but are also focused on functionality.

The typical Johannesburg kitchen

Glossy tiled kitchen floors, a sleek granite countertop, stainless steel or aluminium kitchen sinks and taps, and not forgetting the modern features in the various appliances like the fridge, kettle, stove and oven. The typical Johannesburg kitchen also has a kitchen island or a work surface usually in the center of the room. The kitchen island is a space for preparing meals, chopping and cutting ingredients, and can also be used as a space for storage with drawers, cabinets and an overhead hanging hooks for pots and pans. 

If we look at the homes found in Bedfordview, the homes are much larger and quite extravagant as compared to other suburban homes. These kitchens have many added on elements within them such as a skulery section that is used for storing food and for an extra dishwashing area. Another added on element that a Bedfordview style kitchen might have would be an extractor fan for the stove and in some cases, for the single or double oven. Yet, the most important factor in homes like these is the amount of space that can be utilised in the kitchen. 

What is a kitchen planners job?

Kitchen planners are skilled professionals that help their clients plan, design and implement their kitchen wants and needs. The kitchen planner is, in other words, is an interior designer who specialises in kitchen design. They assist their clients with creating, remodelling, or even just updating the current kitchen they have. The kitchen planner will guide the client in making decisions regarding the building materials that will be used, for example on the floors, on the walls and the cabinets and drawers. They will also guide the client in making decisions regarding the theme of the kitchen, for example will it be modern? Will it be classic Italian style or will it be a Scandinavian style kitchen

Other important decisions that kitchen planners assist their clients with is colours that will be used throughout the kitchen on the walls, the ceilings and the floors. Finally, and probably the most important part of a kitchen planners job is discovering a way to accurately, efficiently and creatively layout the kitchen to perform its most simple functions. 

What qualifications do kitchen planners have?

Kitchen planners go through years of training when they are required to complete an associate bachelors degree in interior design as well as some beneficial knowledge in art or a background in design. They need to be affluent in computer software, architect scales and a great knowledge in buildings in the structural sense. Industry trends are also very important for a kitchen planner to keep up with so that they can offer their clients a trendy and fashionable option to their initial plans of their kitchen. 

To work in the kitchen planning and designing industry, one must be able to maintain good time keeping because this industry is all about deadlines. Finally, kitchen planners should also be skilled in communication skills to appeal and adhere to their customers needs, they should be used to working flexible hours to compliment the unpredictability of the other labourers involved, like the contractors and the installation workers that will be involved. 

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