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3 Kitchen Planners in Diepsloot

Kitchen Planners in Diepsloot

The kitchen is probably the most essential room in your home. It’s a family’s favourite gathering place where meals are prepared and stories are shared. This is why, the design and layout of your kitchen is more important than you think. It’s all about making optimum use of the space in your kitchen. The placement of the refrigerator, store, cabinets etc is key to ensuring a smooth and efficient experience in the kitchen. 

Kitchens have changed significantly through the decades and keeping abreast with the latest kitchen designs and styles is essential. A significant rise in innovative developments and inventions, and changes in social perceptions has led to a marked demand in the creation of cutting-edge kitchens that are both efficient and stylish.  With the right guidance and expertise you’ll be able to get the kitchen of your dreams. One of the experts who can help refurbish and remodel your kitchen is a Kitchen Planner

What does a Kitchen Planner do?

A Kitchen Planner is responsible for refurbishing and remodeling your kitchen. They ensure that the final outcome is in tandem with the requirements and aesthetic demands of the client. Functionality, design, and convenience are some of the core strategies that a Kitchen Planner implements when they work on a kitchen. Kitchen Planners work on Kitchens in both private and public establishments like restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and offices. 

What are the core responsibilities of a Kitchen Planner?

A Kitchen Planner plans the functional aspects and visual design and elements of a kitchen. They incorporate all the requirements and demands of their clients while etching out the layout of the kitchen. Some of the areas that they focus on are the kitchen layout, usage of work space, floor coverings, cabinets etc. Kitchen Planners first brainstorm with their clients to decipher the final outcome that the client desires. Once that has been decoded, they then discuss the materials that can be used, budget constraints, estimates etc. Once these details have been chalked out, the Kitchen Planner then moves on to creating a blueprint of the project. 

Top trends in kitchen layouts

Here are some of the trending designs and layouts that are all the rage in 2019. If your Kitchen Planner is an expert worth their salt, then they’ll probably discuss these styles with you beforehand, or else, you can ideate with your Kitchen Planner on incorporating some of these styles in your kitchen.  

Technology makes life simple, and easier to manage. That’s the main idea behind incorporating the use of technology in your kitchen. Smart kitchens comprise of an efficient use of technological appliances and functions. Imagine a kitchen that lights up as soon as you walk into it. Imagine faucets that turn on just by placing your hand under the tap. Imagine refrigerators that remind you that you need to stock up on fruits. What a convenient life! That’s what technology can do for you. Smart kitchens are an evolving aspect of design. Kitchens that are equipped with motion-sensors can make life truly easy for you in the kitchen. But, the important aspect to take into consideration when it comes to smart kitchens is the cost estimation. Technology isn’t cheap and can be quite a burden on the pocket! 

White is so yesterday! Embrace a darker color palette for your cabinets in the kitchen. The color scheme for 2019 is dark and bold colors. Dark cabinets are elegant and statuesque. They add an aura of drama to your kitchen. But don’t overdo it, or your kitchen might end up looking gloomy. Use dark cabinets sparingly, while letting it still grab the spotlight. For more cabinet design inspiration check these dark-coloured cabinets 

  • Quartz it up!

For a high-end themed kitchen style, quartz reigns supreme. A countertop with a quartz finish is regal and classy. Besides being pleasing on the eyes, it’s very easy to maintain and anti-microbial. You can also avail quartz in a multitude of colours to suit the color palette of your kitchen. Quartz has become one of the most popular kitchen design choices in the past few years and continues to retain top spot. (Read more: Choosing the best material for your new modern kitchen)

  • Effective storage solutions

One of the biggest issues faced by homeowners is the ineffective usage of cabinet space. Too many times, too much space gets wasted, and your kitchen ends up being piled up with edibles with no space to store them. A Kitchen Planner can help you maximize your  cabinet storage space. They can help you efficiently organize your kitchen. 

If you’re looking for kitchen layout and design inspirations, then head to homify, your one-stop-shop solution for all you kitchen conundrums! 

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