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Cape Town, also referred to as 'Mother City' in the native language of South Africa, is the oldest city in South Africa, and the seat of the government. The city is a popular tourist destination, and is crowded with throngs of people all year round. This is mainly due to the city's scenic beaches and harbours. Expats and tourists love surfing and lounging on the beaches of South Africa. The city is also famous for other reasons, some of them being Table Mountain and Cape Point. A diverse city brimming with people from different cultures, it's almost like paradise on earth! Year after year, South Africa has been named as the best place to visit in the world, as well as, lauded for its designs and art scenes, especially when it comes to its booming industrial design features. Cape Town is a great place for you to visit and also set up as home base. 

What does kitchen planning mean?

Conventionally, a kitchen is a place where you cook and prepare food. But, the kitchen space has evolved from merely being a space where women prepare food, to a place where memories are created, where stories are shared, where families spend time together, and where gossip is shared. It's more than just a space, it's one of the most important components of a house. Currently, the craft of designing a kitchen is a booming business globally. The art of designing a kitchen, creating a layout for it, the functionality, colour schemes, materials to be used etc, all fall within the job profile of a kitchen planner. 

Planning a kitchen

Planning a kitchen is no easy feat. There are several factors that need to seamlessly blend together to create a perfect equation. For starters, a kitchen planner needs to be able to incorporate their designs in harmony with the existing water works and pipelines of the kitchen space. Proper ventilation, lighting, and access to water are key issues that need to be handled by the kitchen planner. After a brainstorming session with your planner and hours of ideation, and flipping through magazine pictures, you and your kitchen planner may land on a certain idea for your kitchen layout. The kitchen planner will either showcase the final result to you in the form of illustrations or display it on a 3D multimedia format. (Read more: 24 kitchen layouts and designs for maximum style and efficiency)

Kitchen design styles

A kitchen design style needs to vibe effortlessly with the rest of your house design, furniture, and style. There are several design styles to choose from to give your house a functional and aesthetically pleasing look. 

➣ Traditional

These days, a lot of people are choosing to go back to their roots, and adopt a more traditional style statement for their kitchens. A traditional kitchen, has a classic design concept. Clean lines, white walls, a comforting aura, are all a part of the charm of a traditional styled kitchen. Fresh colours against the backdrop of wooden accents, hold a timeless appeal and evokes a sense of homeliness. Polished hardwood floors, marble countertops, white shelves, vintage cupboard and drawer knobs, create an extremely elegant look. 

➣ Transitional

A transitional design style straddles both traditional and contemporary design concepts. It straddles the best of both worlds. A transitional kitchen design encapsulates the comfort and coziness of a classic design style with its georgian colour schemes, and with contemporary design elements like stylish chairs and island in the centre, has functionality at its core. Many homes these days, feature transitional styled kitchens. It's a particular favorite of celebrities who feature their homes in design magazines.

➣ Coastal

This is probably the most popular design style in Cape Town. It's definitely matches the beach vibes of Cape Town city. Beach style kitchen feature sea blue colours, along with furniture made of wicker, or bamboo. These kitchens are usually created in holiday homes of beachfront property. The kitchens enjoy plenty of sunlight, and have finishes in light colours. Plenty of potted plants add a coolness to the kitchen. Sheer window treatments on large windows allow fresh breeze to waft in from time to time. A great way to escape the Cape Town heat. 

➣ Modern

A modern kitchen design look is all about sleek sophistication. Polished countertops, with chairs that add a pop of colour. Kitchen equipments made of the finest steel. These kitchen exude a sense of modernity and luxury. It's a kitchen that would probably feature in the magazine of a gourmet cookbook.

Now that we've listed out the kitchen design styles for you to try, take your pick and discuss it with your kitchen planner. We've even got some great kitchen design ideas on our homify website. Check out some of them and get inspired to revamp your kitchen space! 

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