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4 Kitchen Planners in Boksburg

Kitchen planners in Boksburg

Boksburg is a town located on the East Rand of the city of Johannesburg, started out as a mining town in the late 1800s. Because of the reason for which the city was created all those years ago, the city today is largely and predominantly an industrial area with kilometers of factories and workshops that bring hundreds of jobs to the local residents. Due to the rise in protected gated communities in Boksburg, there has been an even further rise in employment opportunities in the area. This town has a population of over 260 000 residents, most of which own or sublet a home of their own. 

What is a kitchen planner?

A kitchen planner is a designer who can transform a standard kitchen into a room that invites, intrigues and serves as a functional space. The job description of a kitchen planner is a designer who starts a project by planning, organising and implementing those plans. Once those key factors have been completed, the planner will install lighting, flooring, appliances, windows, paint, drywall, doorways, counter tops, and other furnishings. A seasoned kitchen planner will be responsible for working with building contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers, and accessories. 

Why You Need A Kitchen Planner

There is always a good enough reason for someone to hire a professional, and that is no exception when it comes to a kitchen. The planner is able to advise the client on building materials, themes that are suitable for the client, along with colours, patterns and textures, and of course the layout of the room in terms of the way in which the room is organised. In order to do this accurately, the kitchen planner must be able to produce accurate sketches and drawings of the plans that client would like for the work that will be done on the kitchen. 

That is to say, that kitchen planners are hired to make sure that the client does not overcompensate for the dreamlike plans that they had in mind to begin with. The professional kitchen planner will ensure that the needs and wants of the client are met, within a reasonable budget, and in a timely fashion. 

Spectacular kitchen design ideas

Country kitchen design

A country style kitchen is well known for its grand setting, rustic functionality, and especially for its ample seating and move around space. The country style kitchen has a large center floor which contains a kitchen island. The center island usually holds room for drawers, cabinets, and sometimes even the main stove and oven of the kitchen. The rustic feel is very important for the country style to be completed. 

Minimalist kitchen design

The minimalist kitchen is absolutely modern in every sense of the term. Even though this style of does have a very limited amount of decorating involved, and is not overloaded with unnecessary appliances and heavily detailed materials, the minimalist design is becoming more and more popular for its ease, cleanliness, and timelessness in terms of style. 

Mediterranean kitchen design

This style of kitchen incorporates the rustic feel, a variety of colours, unfinished wooden elements, and ethnic hand-painted tiles from exotic lands. Although there are many elements that comprise a Mediterranean kitchen, it has odd combinations of colours such as red, oranges, browns and neutral pallets and sometimes even stonework. The design of this kitchen is definitely artistic and takes on the look of a modern studio apartment kitchen in all its simplicity. 

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