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Why you should get the help of kitchen planners in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is no stranger when it comes to property investment, but just as people purchase property, they also prefer to make some alterations. There is a certain feeling, a sense of reward, when you can create a place that has your personal and approved work of art. However, sometimes having a beautiful design in your head is not always as simple to create and it could take more time to plan and complete.

There are many advantages to using a kitchen planner in Bloemfontein to help with your remodel, these include but are not limited to the following:

➣  Kitchen designers consider safety

When you DIY your kitchen remodel,  you may not always think to consider safety factors, in fact you may not even know what the safety factors are when it comes to kitchen designs. However, when you hire an expert, you can rest assure that safety is of paramount within the layout, design, and ease of use.

➣  Get a functional kitchen

Functionality means that the aesthetics aren't simply there for a beautiful look, but serious thought went into the way the kitchen will benefit those who use it. Higher countertops are beneficial for people who are taller as they won't need to bend over too much to work on the countertops and or stove. Other functional factors include space, light, and accessibility.

➣  Aesthetics

Choosing to work with a professional kitchen planner in Bloemfontein means that you get the look you've always dreamed about for your kitchen, if not better. Designers are always up-to-date with what's new and happening in the line of designs for the kitchen.

➣  Cost effective in the long run

When it comes to ROI, you can be certain that your brand new kitchen will help to increase the value of your property. Another thing is that when it comes to quality materials, your designer will be able to help you get a good deal on products that are quality approved, yet affordable for your budget.

The pros and cons of kitchen remodelling


  • Get a modern look – your kitchen redone gives you the chance to have a great look for your home. Modern textures and workstations, as well as lighting and flooring all, play a role in the look that you can enjoy for your kitchen.
  • Increased resale value – As mentioned earlier, a brand new kitchen means a better look and adds to the value of your home. By the time you sell it, you can get even more than you would, had you not remodeled and improved this part of the home. People tend to be attracted to remodelled, modern kitchens.



  • Time consuming – to remodel a kitchen takes time and it may set a degree of disruption in the home, as you cannot use it while under construction.
  • Expensive – You would be docking out quite a bit of money when it comes to kitchen remodels.

How to save money on a kitchen remodel

It is possible to save on your kitchen renovation, and it's always best to have a budget in place so that you can keep within your financial limits. You can save by doing these for example:

➣   Reuse old materials and appliances

If you have a good stove that still works perfectly and gets the job done, then you can keep it and save from having to buy a new one. The same applies to your other kitchen appliances. Another way is to save on your kitchen reno is to reuse some of the good materials. For example, if you're happy with the flooring or looking to create a mosaic with some of the tiles then you can use what you have. 

➣   Reuse space

You can even reuse your kitchen space, as this will cut out having to throw down walls for more access.

➣   Get a discount on items

If you decide to shop for your own finishes like flooring and tiles or cabinets for example, then you can always opt to purchase items off the floor. When you purchase demo items, it may have a degree of defects being that it was the models used for a demonstration when customers were looking to buy. If you don't mind that, then why not save with a demo item.  

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