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Choose the right layout for your kitchen

When you're looking to revamp your kitchen or give it an upgrade in the quaint town Benoni, then you might want to take a look at the different kitchen layout options that you could try out first. A kitchen layout is the shape that's created with the placement of the kitchen countertop, appliances, and storage spaces. A layout also means the path that you take from the sink to the refrigerator, the stove or other appliances to cook a meal. 

There are five different kitchen layout styles that you should consider when you decide to revamp your kitchen. They are L, U, G, Single, and corridor kitchen layout styles. Learn what each style offers you and then you could probably think about incorporating a layout that's perfect for your kitchen.

➣  L shaped kitchen layout

In an L shaped kitchen layout style, the counter space and workstations are joined to form a L shape. This shape is probably the most efficient for you, if you're a person who spends most of the time in the kitchen. 

➣  U shaped kitchen layout

Ample storage, a continuous counter top, and space to cook on three sides is what defines a U shaped kitchen layout. You've probably seen U shaped kitchens being used the most in cooking shows like MasterChef. This is because multiple cooks can work in this kitchen at the same time without getting into each other's way. 

➣  G shaped kitchen layout

A G shaped kitchen layout is similar to a U shaped kitchen layout. This layout too offers plenty of cooking space, But the only difference is that this kitchen layout also has the addition of cabinets attached to it. This layout is ideal for huge homes because it occupies a lot of space. 

➣  Single wall kitchen layout

A single wall kitchen layout works really well in small compact homes.The kitchen zones are pushed against one wall and is in one line. You can stack your crockery and cooking equipment in the cabinets built above the kitchen layout. 

➣  Corridor kitchen layout

The corridor kitchen layout works for one. The work stations are on parallel walls and creates a small triangle. You can add storage space for all your crockery and cooking utensils and equipment. 

5 Common kitchen design problems

The kitchen probably witnesses the most amount of activity in the house. But if your kitchen isn't designed well, then it can lead to several issues that can hinder the way you work in the kitchen. Here are some problems that you'll face if you have the misfortune of baking in a poorly designed kitchen.

➣  Not enough cabinet space

You may be faced with the kitchen dilemma of having lots of equipments but very less cabinet space to store them. Before you go about constructing new storage space, check whether you already have the existing space, but just aren't using it. The space under your kitchen counter is a great place to start. 

➣  No counter next to the refrigerator

Picture this, you've removed a carton of milk from the refrigerator and placed it next to the counter space which is right next to the refrigerator. Isn't this way more convenient? It's a super convenient option to stack your veggies on after you remove them from the fridge, or to keep you grocery bag on. 

➣  Insufficient  ventilation

You can't have a kitchen without proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential to ensure that all the cooking fumes have an outlet to go out from. A kitchen that does not have proper ventilation can be extremely stuffy and suffocating. 

➣  Wrong placement for the door/cabinets

If doors and cabinets are not properly placed in a synchronized way, then it could interfere in your cooking process.

➣  Limited working space

A small kitchen layout can be a problem if you've got a lot of cooking going on. This could lead to lots of mess, and more time spent in cleaning it than on cooking. 

So? Ready to get working on your kitchen? We'd like to be a big part of it, by helping you with big ideas. At homify, we've got lots of tips, inspirations and even experts to choose from when it comes to kitchen planning. Send us your enquiry and be in touch with professionals:

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