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Joiners in Welkom

Welkom, located about 140 km north-east of Bloemfontein (South Africa’s provincial capital), is the second-largest city in the Free State Province of the country. The city’s Sesotho name, Matjhabeng, means 'where nations meet', and is derived from the migrant labour system which saw people of various countries (like Lesotho, Malawi and Mozambique) meet to work in the mines of the gold fields.

With the gold price declining in the nineties, the manufacturing industry stepped up to support the local economy of Welkom. Thus, heavy machinery support for mining can be found in the Voorspoed area. A variety of other maintenance industries and services can also be found in Welkom, including engineering and mechanical repairs.

Today, Welkom is also called the Circle City, as it’s known for its efficient road traffic design through the use of traffic circles, which has been the basis of worldwide studies. For April 2019, three-bedroom abodes formed the majority of listed properties in Welkom. According to property24, 265 were available, followed by 116 four-bedroom properties.

What does a Joiner do?

Looking around, one is bound to spot something that was built by a professional Joiner. It could be the cabinetry in the kitchen, a walk-in dressing room’s shelving, or even the wooden furniture on the patio outside.

There are no specific qualifications required to work as a Joiner (as opposed to Architects, for example, who need to study for a specific degree before they can do their work). However, most employers will expect a Joiner to have some on-site construction experience. Even if a Joiner has no experience, they can start as a labourer or a Joiner’s apprentice and learn on the job.

Another option for a Joiner would be to take courses at a college in joinery or carpentry. This would present them with the necessary practical skills and knowledge for the job requirements, as well as increase their work opportunities in the industry. However, knowing the basics of Math (to take measurements, accurately interpret designs, make products, and work with clients’ budgets) and English are quite crucial in order to work competitively as a Joiner.

The general duties of a professional Joiner, depending on the sort of project they’re involved with, could include:

  • Spending time in a workshop fitting various items which will be installed by Carpenters. This could include anything from making kitchen cabinets to constructing staircases and timber frames;
  • Cutting and shaping wood for furniture, doors, floors, ceiling trusses, and frames;
  • Working with a variety of woodworking machinery and tools to become more familiar with their different uses;
  • Using computer-aided design (CAD) software in their designs.

What you must remember when looking for the right Joiner

Regardless of whether you want to renovate a kitchen or have new furniture built, you need to put some thought into hiring the right kind of Joiner for your project. That is where the following tips will come in quite handy:

1.  Experience is important

You want to put your trust in the hands of a seasoned expert. For example, if you need commercial joinery services like office fit-outs or require commercial joinery services in your house, it is crucial to employ a Joiner with the right knowledge and experience in order to ensure optimum results for your project.

2.  Listen to reputations

Depending on what type of project you need done, it can be quite costly hiring a professional for the job. That is why you need to employ someone who will be worth the costs, which is where a solid reputation can make all the difference. See what other customers and professionals in the industry have to say about the Joiner you are considering. And always ensure to check the relevant documentation like licenses and qualifications.

3.  Check for recommendations

A professional with a solid reputation is bound to be recommended by various clients and industry experts. Find as many recommendations as you can, either from online sources or from friends / family members / colleagues who recently made use of joinery services. Of course you should ask for recommendations from the professional themselves, but also find your own as well. Thanks to homify’s collection of professionals, finding a Joiner in your area is easier than ever before, whether it’s Welkom, Johannesburg, or Cape Town. Simply select your town / city from the list at the very bottom of the ‘Joiners page, or type in your location in the ‘search’ bar. Our lists of professionals also include additional information on each expert including past projects, contact details, and customer reviews (where applicable).

4.  Keep the deadline in mind

A project that runs late will result in more expenses on your part. That is why it is vital to find a professional Joiner who is serious about meeting deadlines. Make sure the start- and end dates of your project are referenced in the contract. This must be drawn up before the project starts and signed by you and the professional in charge. Remember that the professional Joiner working for you is a business relationship, and that contract is there to help ensure minimum distractions to your normal lifestyle and business activities. Should the Joiner you’re interviewing not be able to guarantee a set time frame for any reason, thank them for their time and move on to the next possible candidate!

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