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Tembisa was founded during 1957 and is the proud home of many former Evernvale, Germiston and Alexandria residents during apartheid South Africa. However, despite the relocation, the residents of Tembisa thrived on their hope of a better tomorrow and a better South Africa. Tembisa is no stranger to poverty, but many of the locals resort to making ends meet with self-made businesses. You’ll find many joiners in Tembisa who are not only skilled, but also experienced in their craft.

What does a Joiner in Tembisa do?

Joiners are responsible for creating wooden fixtures that fit together forming part of a larger unit. Joiners in Tembisa are involved in carpentry, construction, and cabinetry to name a few. When working on site, they will ensure that wooden structures like window frames, door frames, staircases, flooring, ceiling beams, and partitions are made and set in place on a property or building site.

Joiners can also branch into other careers such as boat builders, artisans, carpenters, shopfitters, wood turners.

What makes a joiner so great to have on the team?

Many great qualities make a good and reliable joiner. Some of the skills that make a joiner in Tembisa good for the team include the following:

1.  They pay attention to detail

Attention to detail is a vital skill that every joiner must possess. Details create the very basis of the structures they build each day on every project.

2.  Safety is paramount

When it comes to building parts of a larger structure, every care is taken to ensure safety and robust parts. Not only must the structure be safe during the construction process but also after completing the project, safety must continue to “live” on throughout the lifespan of those structures.

3.  They don’t waste time

It’s good to start and complete a project on time and every project has a deadline. When hiring a professional joiner in Tembisa, you can be sure that they’re not going to waste any time. Instead, because they already have experience and training, following through with a project comes as second nature.

4.  You can save

You don’t have to spend more if your budget doesn’t allow it. Your professional joiner will talk you through the entire process of the project and at the end of the day to accommodate your budget choosing the correct materials as well.

What to ask or consider before hiring a joiner

  1. Ask what materials are used in the process – you’ll have a better understanding of the project including materials
  2. Get quotes – you need to work within your budget and sometimes sourcing through a few quotes can help you decide
  3. Ask about their qualifications – did the joiner study and do they have reputable experience?
  4. Do people vouch for their skills? – do they have references that can back them up?
  5. Don’t pay all in advance – it’s important to wait till the project is completed before paying everything.
  6. Select a joiner in the niche you want – it’s better to choose a joiner more specialised, for example, a carpenter to install the carpets or a cabinet maker to install the cabinets and storage in the kitchen
  7. Do they have some proof of their works? – do they have a portfolio of their works already completed for other customers? This will help you get a better idea of their style.

How can you find joiners in Tembisa?

Many online directories will help you find the ideal joiner in Tembisa to help you complete your much-awaited project. You can also find reputable joiners via homify. If you’re still struggling to narrow down your options to a shortlist of possible candidates then you could ask friends and family for some input. Maybe you already know of other people who used a joiner company or individual to help them.

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