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This historic city called Pretoria is located in the northern part of the province of Gauteng within South Africa. This city has a vibrant populous of students and young people in general, as there are many large universities in the city such as the University of Pretoria, the University of South Africa, as well as the Tswane University of Technology. Because of this overflowing student population, there is a responsive industry of social entertainment activities and a thriving nightlife too. Pretoria is also the capital of the entire province and holds the title of one of the three capitals of the entire country, where it hosts the administrative branch of the government as well as the foreign embassies within South Africa. The other two cities that are named capitals are the city of Cape Town, which is the legislative capital, and the city of Bloemfontein where the judicial capital is located. 

What is a Joiner?

A joiner and a carpenter are not very far apart in description and skills. A joiner is different and similar to a carpenter in many ways, but the main point to keep in mind is that a joiner specialises in the interlocking of big and small structures once the carpenter has designed and created them. Essentially, a joiner is a person who skillfully assembles a complex item that could be made from almost any material. A carpenter would usually join pieces of wood, plastic, or metal materials together with binding objects such as nails or screws, whereas on the other hand, a joiner will cut pieces of wood or any of the above mentioned materials in a specific way in order to ensure that they are able to form a solid, and strong interlocking bond between one another. Based on this description, we can identify that joiners are able to work on projects such as furniture making, construction projects where they will be placed in the creative departments of jobs such as window frame development, the creation of fireplaces, staircase design and so much more. 

What Exactly Does a Joiner Do?

Joiners have many tasks and projects that they may take on, but it will always begin with the joiner having an in-depth discussion with their project manager or with the client. Following this, the joiner now knows the necessary details and can begin with taking all the measurements for the job at hand, and then is able to give recommendations on the type of material or multiple materials being used. Next, the joiner can order the correct materials along with their specific sizes and begins the creation and development process, whereby the templates are made that will perfectly match the final product. Last but not least, the joiner will establish the correct and final measurements, then the item is created. 

Two Elements That Will Need a Joiner

Even though there are many rooms that a joiner can be very useful in, we have chosen to take a look at these two elements that people may need a little extra help with when they are being constructed or installed. The first element is the balcony, which can be really complex if it is not understood completely. A balcony needs to be one of the most secure building additions as many things could go wrong if it is not constructed carefully. The floors will start off as a concrete structure that is added to the house or building, thereafter, the floors must be laid in a concise manner. Most balconies will use tiling, but for those that make use of interlocking wooden planks or even sheets of metal, there will have to be skilled joiner on call to perform the task. 

Secondly, we will look at the constructing of a staircase. There are some very creative staircases out there and they are seeming to get fancier by the day. A circular staircase will need the intricate hands and creativity of the joiner as well as a floating staircase. With any type of staircase however, a safety railing or baluster must be put into place by each and every joiner. 

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