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Joiners in Polokwane

The city of Polokwane is found in the Capricorn district within the province of Limpopo. Formerly known as Pietersburg, Polokwane has over 130 000 residents. The biggest attraction for visitors to this city is the surrounding wildlife and game that fit in so perfectly in their climate and open spaces. Because of this, there is a great opportunity for farmers, agricultural expeditions, game parks, and animal sanctuaries. Some of the noted popular outdoor activities are available at the Big Cat Experience, the Polokwane Game Reserve and the Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park. 

What is a Joiner?

A joiner is often placed in the same field or category as carpentry. These two professions belong to a short list of the oldest professions of all time, because of its timeless necessity. You will always need a carpenter, and therefore you will always need a joiner too. There are a few differences in what a carpenter does and what a joiner does, but not many. 

A carpenter commonly designs and assembles pieces of wood together with binding agents such as industrial wood glue, nails, screws and more. Similarly, a joiner will cut pieces of wood, or other materials like plastic, and various metals, in an intricate, unique way so that they are able to form tight, secure interlocking bonds. Because of this, joiner can be employed to work in the furniture making industry, or in the construction where they are placed in the focus of creative projects. There are even specialising joiners who will dominate in areas such as cabinet making, window framing, door framing, complex flooring and so much more. 

Common Joiner Projects

Joiners are so flexible when it comes to what they can do for their clients. Anything that involves bonding, complex measurements of materials that need to be combined, and even an entire new creation of specialised furniture. Here are one or two ideas on what a joiner can add to your home. 

1.  Panelled Walls

This may sound like going back in time to the time of floral wallpaper and muddy brown carpeting throughout your house, but this wall decor is coming back and bringing a new modern twist with it. This is a fun alternative to painting your walls as well as an alternative to a bare brick wall. Panelling can be a classy look for a bedroom and gives the decor a certain expensive hotel look. 

2.  Staircase Storage Unit

We are all aware that joiners and carpenters can build us a killer staircase that is stylish and performs its main function. Why not combine that idea with the cupboard to solve the constant need for storage. This is also known as floor to ceiling storage which means that there are storage units built directly into a staircase. This is usually in the form of cabinets, cupboards and drawers slotted in the side or under the staircase. This is perfect for the Kids rooms.

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