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Joiners In Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg is well known for its dairy, timber and aluminium production. It is also one of the largest cities in the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. Apart from industrial and farming activities, Pietermaritzburg also bears a rich history and is popular for the University of KwaZulu-Natal, which formed as a result of a merger between the University of Natal and the University of DurbanWestville. It also offers many natural and scenic destinations and exciting things to see, which makes it popular amongst tourists, investors, and students alike.

Joiners in Pietermaritzburg are hard at work when it comes to construction and creating vital materials used in raw materials.

What do joiners in Pietermaritzburg do?

Joiners are exactly what their name suggests. They “join” materials from scratch by creating the very parts needed according to the design plans. Their skills are needed in construction, carpentry, shopfitting, cabinetry and woodcarving.

Some of the responsibilities or duties of a joiner include fitting all wooden structures. Site joiners in particular work alongside the construction team. Whilst working on a project the site joiner in Pietermaritzburg will ensure that all wooden structures are fitted. Wooden structures include but are not limited to wooden door frames, staircases, window frames, rood timbers and joints, wooden flooring, and partition walls.

Site joiners will also install cupboards, wooden skirting, and shelving. Any final issues related to joinery is completed by the site joiner.

Other requirements of joiners in Pietermaritzburg

Joiners not only work physically with their hands but also use CAD (computer-aided design) to help design structures.

As a joiner, it’s important to be versed in working with all the tools and machinery involved in the job. This is taught during their studies and apprenticeship.

Knowing their way around the workshop is important. While joiners are required to work on- site, many also work in a workshop where they design and craft various wood pieces such as “dowel joints”, “mitre joints”, “dovetail joint”, “tongue and groove”, “splice joints”, and “lap joints” to name a few.

What are the advantages of hiring joiners instead of DIY?

When it comes to DIY work, there’s a sense of reward and satisfaction knowing that you’ve done everything by yourself and didn’t need to “outsource” a professional. However, when you hire a skilled joiner you can enjoy the following benefits:

1.  Safety first

In all aspects of construction or the art of building something, safety plays an integral role. Joiners must focus on the safety and integrity of the structure and parts they craft to develop the structures to build.

2.  No wasting time

Now it’s without a doubt that DIY projects can be very time consuming and if you work a solid 9-5 or more hours job there’s not going to be enough time in any given day. Let alone, having to watch “how to” videos to learn some techniques and how to use the tools for the process. All of the additional research will definitely consume your time, to say the least. Hiring a professional joiner will cut out that time and while they get to work, you can get to the things that matter most in your life.

3.  All the costs are on display

When you plan to work with a professional joiner, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and surprise extras. If anything, they will discuss the complete project and let you know what’s what when it comes to the total project cost. They will also help you select the right materials to suit the project and your budget.

4.  Better results

While a DIY project can be rewarding, it may not be the same satisfying results, as you’ll get when you hire a reputable joiner to help with the project. Skills and experience will greatly help on every project.

5.  No mess no fuss

Don’t worry about your place being left unkempt, in fact, professional joiners always clean up after their project is complete. If anything, a neat working environment also promotes additional safety throughout the project. You can rest assured that you’re getting excellent workmanship and quality that you can definitely trust.

How do I find joiners in Pietermaritzburg?

You can find a variety of joiners in Pietermaritzburg at homify and also source through various online directories as well as ask for referrals from friends.

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