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Joiners in Mbombela

Now known as Nelspruit, this city is found in the Eastern part of South Africa, and is also the capital of the province of Mpumalanga. With the Crocodile river running through it, and the Mozambican border just an hour away, this is obviously a popular tourist location. Residents of the city of Johannesburg are often seen vacationing here as it is just over 300 kilometres away. Approximately 58 thousand residents call nelspruit home in one of the well known areas such as Vintonia, Nelinda, Sonheuwel, West Acres, Pumlanga, and Besters. 

What does a Joiner do?

A joiner is a technically and creatively skilled professional who deals with the interlocking and joining of a variety of materials, ranging from wood, to properly assemble any kind of structure. A joiner will cut pieces of wood, plastic, or metal materials, in a specific way to ensure that they are able to form a solid, and strong bond. After looking at this explanation, we know that joiners can work in environments and fields like furniture making, and construction sites, where they are usually placed on projects involving creative jobs like window and fireplace framing, staircases and furniture creation. A joiner is similar to a carpenter in this sense, as they work in the same fields, they work with the same materials, as well as having the same core job description with a variation in what the specifics are. A carpenter would commonly combine pieces of materials, design them, and sometimes make the materials from scratch. 

Why you need a Joiner

There are many reasons to have a joiner in your home, starting with the absolute professionalism of your furniture, windows, flooring, and cabinets. These are areas that joiners are usually brought in to develop for clients. Below we will outline what options a joiner can give you for these elements. 

1.  Flooring

Joiners can create unique and one of a kind designs for your floor if you are tired of those simple floors. From glossed concrete squares, to modern tiles, and especially a beautifully constructed wooden floor design, a joiner is able to do them all. These floors can be done in any room in the house, but look out for weather and cleaning conditions before laying a floor. For example, a dining room with small interlocking laminate floor tiles is a great idea and the perfect project for a joiner. 

2.  Cabinets

This is yet another area where joiners shine, and they are guru’s in the creation, designing, and fitting of any shape or size of cabinets. The trendy look for the modern home or office, is a wall of cabinets. These can be made by the joiner to all connect seamlessly on to any size wall. They can be fixed to any size and length of wall, and can all be different lengths, have additional drawers to increase functionality. 

3.  Stairs

This is also a popular project for a joiner, as they can look at what a client has in mind and bring that idea into reality. Newly built homes nowadays have spectacular staircases that can either wind up to the second story, can be based on a geometric design with sharp and tight angles, or can be spiraling in a snake motion towards the second landing. 

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