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Joiners in Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp is an area that grew into a small city on the west rand of the city of Johannesburg. This city stretches on for a few hundred kilometres and consist of areas such as Florida Lake, Discovery, Muldersdrift, Horizon, Ruimsig, and Hekpoort. Properties in this area are famously low for the size of the land, and because of this, stunning homes are built and improved here. The area is also well known for its farm like weather and vegetation, with great warm summers, and near freezing winters, there is opportunity for flexibility in terms of business and leisure. The city of Krugersdorp began to develop when gold was discovered in the western area of the Witwatersrand, and therefore a community needed to be built to accommodate the workers. This long spanning city has much to offer besides a residence, there are many outdoor activities that are on offer as well, such as flower and plant nurseries, water parks, restaurants and bars, outdoor activities like hot air ballooning, quad biking, scuba diving lessons, and bungee jumping. 

What is a Joiner?

A joiner is much like a carpenter, but somewhat more specialised in the profession of craftsmanship and complex design. A joiner and carpenter are similar but can both perform each others task. The difference stems from a carpenters ability to combine and shape pieces of wood and other materials together with the use of binding agents like nails, screws and industrial solvents. Similarly, a joiner will cut and shape various pieces of wood and other materials in such a specific way in order to ensure that they are secure and totally interlocked as one component. Joiner can be found in the business of furniture making, in construction projects where they focus on creative projects like window design and installation, fireplace making and designing, the creation of staircases, and framing of many building entrances and exits. This means that joiners and carpenters alike can play an integral part in rooms of the home or office like the kitchen, living room, study or office, and so much more. 

Common Projects for a Joiner

1.  Skylight Windows

No matter how big or small your home is, a skylight is a great idea to let in more natural light. A skylight can be placed on the ceiling of any room in the house, there are no exceptions! The kitchen, the bathroom, the study or even in your bedroom, you cannot go wrong with sunshine or the beautiful night sky in your home. A joiner can get creative with the shape, size and location of your skylight. 

2.  Recycled Office Furniture

This is where you can bring in a joiner and see them work their magic. Buying office furniture is becoming a costly, and environmentally detrimental task for many large companies around the world. Every year hundred of thousands of offices grow in staff and therefore must have the desk space, and chairs available for them. There is a massive rise in the number of companies that will take your old furniture and create new items for you, from recycled materials like wood, plastic, glass, and various metals. Joiners can create totally new concepts for stylish, innovative and modern office furniture for a businesses boardrooms, staff workplaces, canteens, kitchens and bathrooms. 

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