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Joiners in Durban

This beautiful city is found on the east coast of the province of KwaZulu Natal. It is the third largest city and metropolitan city found in the entire country, coming after the city of Cape Town, and in the first place, the city of Johannesburg. This is a famous tropical city that is world renowned for their gorgeous beaches, some of which are found at La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks, and Umdloti, to name a few. This city is also known for their exciting entertainment filled casino’s, hotels and beach parties, as well as the water park uShaka Marine world found on one of the most popular beaches of all, south beach which is located just outside of the central part of Durban’s city. 

What is a joiner?

Joinery and carpentry is somewhat similar, but joinery is a time old profession too. This job dates back to the medieval times, and takes a liking to a craftsman or a carpenter. A joiner has distinct differences from a carpenter. A carpenter usually joins pieces of wood and several other materials, together with binding objects like nails and objects. On the other hand, a joiner will cut various pieces of wood and other materials, in a specific way so that they are able to form interlocking components. Moreover, a joiner is commonly found in furniture making, or in construction where they focus on creative projects like window framing, fireplace surroundings, staircases and so much more. They may even tackle the kitchen and become known as the specialist kitchen cabinet maker. 

What exactly does a joiner do?

A joiner performs many tasks but first starts by discussing the project with client or their project manager. Thereafter, the joiner will take all the necessary measurements in order to move forward, and then recommendations are given on whether the correct wood is being used for that job. Next, the joiner orders the desired wood and creates the templates that will match exactly to the project. Finally, the joiner will determine the correct and final measurements, mark the wood and saw the piece, and goes on to create the item that is required. Lastly, the item is done and must be sanded and treated with the proper materials.

How much do joiners cost?

A joiner can charge an hourly rate for the extensive work that they do, and this rate can be between R20 and R220. I know, this may seem like such a wide amount that could be charged, but it all depends on the type of job or project that needs to be done. This can all be stipulated once the client and joiner have met and started to discuss the particulars of the job. The joiner may charge more for the creation of a stained glass window along with its frame, than for the creation of a simple staircase that goes straight up a double story home or office building. 

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