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Joiners in Diepsloot

Diepsloot is a township located near Johannesburg and is home to a population of around 350,000 people. The township has both informal and formal housing and the area is known for being financially challenged. However, since it’s so close to the central business district Johannesburg, it is thus good for self-employed joiners and other professional contractors looking for clients to support their businesses. There are many joiners in Diepsloot, as well as other skilled professionals in construction, painting and a variety of industries.

What makes joiners in Diepsloot so important?

Joiners have a big job to focus on and are specialised at what they do. Their job often calls for a precise eye for detail and precision workmanship. Joiners work with wood and they must be able to design, construct, fit fixtures, and fittings of all types. Joiners even make furniture and their skills are needed in construction, carpentry, boat building and lots more. It’s an old form of trade, and back then, fixtures were solely made with wood and no metal used. Today it follows the same trade, despite being able to branch out into other trades.

Joiners in Diepsloot can also make furniture, ornaments and other novelty items by only using wood. Skills that a joiner should possess:

  • An eye for detail
  • Measuring
  • Cutting and shaping furniture
  • Large installation construction
  • Team workmanship
  • Good communication

What’s the importance of quality joinery?

Having quality joinery is very important not only for visual beauty but also for long-term quality. A professional and skilled joiner will be able to advise you what wood to purchase; in fact, they’ll be able to source the wood for you. Joiners are able to install and create door frames, wooden ceilings, bookshelves, TV stands, floating shelves, cabinets, tables and many more. They can work on your house and larger commercial properties that require their abilities.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional joiner as opposed to DIY?

While you may think that DIY is the best option for all projects and will save you money, the truth is sometimes it takes more money to fix problems in some projects. Reversing the errors of an inexperienced joiner will cost money.

1.  You’ll save time

Nobody wants to spend all their time busy with a project that seems to be an eternal and ongoing thing. When you hire a professional, it means you’ll have the time to do what you want.

2.  Appreciate the results

Experienced professionals know exactly how to execute the job and will do their best to design and create what their clients want and even exceed expectations. Simply put, you’ll appreciate the results when it’s done by a pro.

3.  Improves your home

Whether you’re having wooden structures built as part of your house, or having some bespoke items made, either way, you’ll get a better look for your home. Joiners know how to create beautiful structures and have an eye for detail.

4.  Use the right tools and materials

Joinery is very intricate and if you don’t have prior experience, you might not be aware of the fact that there are different materials. Your professional will know what types of wood to choose to suit the situation as well as the correct equipment to use to cut and fit the pieces.

5.  No hidden fees to worry about

Usually when discussing the extent of the project with the client, this comes with the full cost to fund the project with no hidden surprises later on. You can thus plan your budget for the project in advance.

How do you choose a joiner in Diepsloot?

When choosing a joiner that you can trust and rely on to create the ideal bespoke piece that you’ve always wanted, then it’s important to choose wisely.

Online décor and contractor directories such as homify can help with a list of reputable joiners in your area.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they have references that can vouch for their work?
  • Do they have enough experience?
  • Do they work well on their own and within a team alongside other contractors?
  • Can they advise what wood to use for the bespoke item to make?
  • What’s the timeframe that they need to work on the project?
  • What’s the price?
  • How do they accept payment (you shouldn’t pay for everything upfront)
  • Do they have a portfolio that they can show you with their work?
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