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Boksburg is a city that is found on the East Rand of the city of Johannesburg, and started out as a mining town in the time period of the 1880s when miners struck precious gold in the region. Boksburg today is less about mining and more about industrially based businesses and large business property, due to the open spaces and vast labourers available. The industrial area of Boksburg is packed with street after street of factories and workshops that provide great long term jobs and growth for the surrounding communities. Boksburg has also got some great entertainment with the popular Emperor’s casino, the airport which is nearby as well as a convenient shopping mall, and countless public parks and gathering spots.

The Job Description of a Joiner

A joiner is somebody who will usually cut pieces of wood, plastic, tile etc. in a specific deliberate manner in order to make sure that they are solid, strong and are able to form an interlocking bond when constructed together. This makes the joiner and the carpenter as a profession, very similar indeed. They do often work hand in hand but there are fine lines between the two descriptions that allow us to tell them apart. A joiner focuses on the interlocking of small structures once the majority of the item has been designed and created. On the transverse side, a carpenter would typically join pieces of materials, like wood, plastic, or glass, together with binding objects such as nails, industrial staples, and even extra strength glue.

What Joiner can Help you With

There are endless opportunities when it comes to what joiner can help you create in your home, office, or any building really. Frome furniture, custom designed items, installation of windows big and wide, and even Below we have compiled a list of just a peek into what is possible with a professional joiner. Remember that joiner and carpenter are very similar in terms of what they both create for you, keeping that in mind let us move on to the list. 

1.  All inclusive Built-in Cupboards

We have all heard of built in cupboards, but not many of us are encouraged by the idea of an all inclusive cupboard. What this means is that the entire wall of a room will be covered with a cupboard, to start off with. The second and most amazing part of this, is that there are not only cupboards, there are accompanying drawers , a section for one or two closet’s that all seamlessly fit into one another. 

2.  Mirrored Cupboards

This is the perfect idea for a walk in closet, that already have so many cupboards built in to the walls, to help be as functional as possible. There is always going to be a need for more mirrors in your home, and why not double up and save some cash by installing the mirrors straight on to a sturdy surface. This can also be done in your bathroom as well as any of the other bedrooms in the house. 

3. Steel and Wooden Furniture

This choice is not only inclusive of steel and/or wooden furniture but to all custom made furniture. These two in particular are of special mention because of their complexity and uniqueness. These two materials are quite expensive to buy in combination of one another, but most definitely worth it. This combination of materials is well known in the industrial themed home that has a lot of glass, steel, aluminium and natural wood. 

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