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CS Design - Offering interior design solutions for residential, hospitality, retail and office spaces at competitive prices
CKW Lifestyle Associates PTY Ltd
A premier lifestyle and interior design company with additional expertise in structural elements and interior architecture
Spegash Interiors
Welcome to Spegash Interiors  Turnkey interior designers, specializing in domestic, commercial and retail projects. Based
Deborah Garth Interior Design International (Pty)Ltd
Deborah Garth is the owner and Interior Designer of Deborah Garth Interior Design International (pty)ltd.  The
Decor Revamps Wall and Ceiling Coating Pty Ltd
Westhouse and Garden
making beautiful spaces inside and out
Leone Truter Interiors
Design with distinction. Taking a holistic approach to all design, Leone Truter Interiors is a Pretoria (South Africa) based
GSI Interior Design & Manufacture
We provide an all inclusive service for home & corporate interiors. We design, manufacture and decorate any space with
SOJE Interior, Design and Decor PTY (Ltd)
SOJE Interior, Design and Décor is a Gauteng based company that specialises in designing and advice on interior space utilisation
Nono Cr8xions
Nono Cr8xions Interior Décor is the realization of a lifelong dream for Creative Director and Designer Mlondi Nkomonde
Bun Interior Design
Why Bun? Because a freshly baked bun goes with everything. You can’t beat the smell of fresh bread. A fussy two year old
Copaiba Interiors
The company name derives from a tree named Copaiba which represents beauty and liveliness and that is what the team wants
Twinx Interiors
TWINX Interiors (Reg Number 2014/113408/07) offer a comprehensive interior design services for homes and offices in the
Motama Interiors and Exteriors
At Motama we are passionate about interior design and decor. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, yet functional design
JSD Interiors
JSD Interiors is committed to the practice of design excellence. At JSD Interiors we pride ourselves on a high level of
Carne Interiors
Carné Interiors is a well established and leading design company both locally and internationally with constant exposure
Blaque Pearl Lifestyle
A fully integrated interior, decor and design company focused on providing clients a bespoke service that marries the core
Plan Créatif
Plan Créatif has become synonymous with exquisite taste, unparalleled service, and unmatched quality. We are known for
Blake Matthew Design
Blake Matthew is a full­ turnkey Interior Design and Décor Company specializing in Interior Furnishings, Interior Decorating
Designs by Meraki
Designs by Meraki is an interior design and decorating company. We specialise in: Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living

Whether polished and modern or rustic and traditional, interior designers in Pretoria are making their mark on South Africa's interior design industry and proving that they're not to be left behind the curve of growth happening in the country. Whether you're seeking out a design firm to help create a space that dignifies your corporate ethos or the more personal touch of decorator to turn your family house into a home, Interior Designers in Pretoria are up for the challenge.

How to choose interior designers in Pretoria?

Now, with interior design flourishing so rapidly in Tshwane, it's easy to get overwhelmed not just by having to choose between so many gifted designers, but also, it's possible to hit a roadblock when trying to understand and choose a design aesthetic that suits your style and meets your needs.

The ideal interior designer would be someone who is qualified and certified to work in Pretoria, is a consummate professional with access to global trends but keeps a finger on the pulse of African design. Someone who is creative, intuitive, experienced and knowledgeable about the design industry, has a great network of reliable suppliers and a good track record of completing projects on time and within budget – so basically a Unicorn! Now you might not be able to find someone who meets every criteria on this list, but like with any relationship, identifying your non-negotiables will help narrow down your search and bring you a step closer to finding the ideal candidate.

How do I discover my design style?

When choosing an interior designer in Pretoria, it's also essential to have a look at their portfolio of work. Most times, you'll find that over time they've established their own sense of style that's a melting pot of their personal aesthetic, current trends and their access to products locally or internationally. The trick to not having your design ideas bulldozed is to have strong understanding of your own design style. So how do you communicate your personal aesthetic to your interior designer? You speak to them in their own language! Here are some common designs styles used in Pretoria.

Classic Traditional is most common of the design styles due to its safe, predictable and orderly charm. It's best described as calm, functional and understated, hence its appeal to most home design novices. There's nothing surprising, inconsistent or jarring about a traditional space – from neutral color palettes to rich, cozy textures and classic furniture pieces the traditional design style makes any space inviting.

Modern has been previously avoided due to its association with cold, hard surfaces, minimal texture and a monochromatic approach, the Modern design style has developed quite a bit since the stark white rooms of the 40's, 50's and 60's, and now incorporates a warmer yet airier flair. Better known by its evolved name "mid-century modern", these interiors incorporate clean lines, sleek surfaces and gentle organic curves. While ornaments are kept to a minimum, there's no shying away from using hints of colour, texture and a playful combination of geometric and organic forms.

Rustic Farmhouse is by far the most sought after design style of the moment thanks to its relaxed, effortless comfortable manner. If you've incorporated words like shiplap, barn-doors, reclaimed wood and open-concept into your vocabulary, then this homely, easy-going style is the one for you. This style gives a nod to the old farmhouse elegance while including clean lines, modern fixtures and comfortable furnishing.

French Country, not to be mistaken with the rustic farmhouse style, this design expression is ideal for those hankering after a chateaux somewhere in the French countryside. This look is incorporates rustic elements, old-world fixtures and elegant yet homely décor that gives a space a warm, welcoming ambiance. Rusted metal décor, neutral colour schemes, and antique fixtures are typical of this design style along with, wood and stone detailing and quintessential French furniture.

Usually associated with masculine luxury bachelor pads, the Contemporary Industrial design style  has broken out of its mold and found great appeal with contemporary interior designers in in cities like Pretoria. Characterized by loft style exposed vents and brick walls, galvanized piping, raw-cut wooden furniture and concrete, this trendy option is ideal for the forward thinking Pretorian looking for a contemporary out-of-the-box approach to revamping their space.

If you're looking for decadent, luxurious glamour, overflowing with carefully selected French classic detail, the Glam design style is a feast for the eye. Molded walls, ornate architectural details, opulent décor, antique art and accessories reminiscent of Marie Antoinette all distinguish this grand style that's all about the wow factor!

The vintage/eclectic design style is old and dated to some but quirky, idiosyncratic, and charming for those who have been seduced by this casually romantic versatile aesthetic. If you enjoy the appearance of dated, miss-matched furniture and mixed fabrics that carry a history and tell a story, then the Vintage/Eclectic style is for you.

Ultimately, there are a plethora of design styles out there to cater to every taste and need. Bear in mind that while some people have a clear and unwavering design style, you might have a combination of two or three that make up your personal style. For example, yours might be a rustic-modern combination or perhaps you want the best of both worlds with a traditional-industrial feel. Whichever your mash-up, once you identify it, hold onto it loosely as you transform your space, for it might very well transform as well.

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