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3 Interior Designers & Decorators in Port Elizabeth

What does the typical interior designer or interior decorator use in their styling schemes?

We all try to create a home and not just a house, by adding personality to the way in which we search, select and place the furniture, the artwork and even the ornaments. Some clientele seek particular pieces to create a complete interior of one kind, and others aim to develop a functional living space with their items. For additional advice on the matter of designing the interior of a home, we turn to the professionals: designers and decorators. 

Port Elizabeth's popular pieces have a hint of African materials such as animal hides, industrial finishing's, recycled glass fixtures and natural woods. Calming artwork that captures the beautiful natural landscape of Port Elizabeth is complimented by soft nudes, bold greenery and industrial smooth surfaces.Luxurious fabrics soften the bold architecture in any room.

Designers and decorators cleverly use rustic antique furniture alongside modern architecture in the form of metallic appliances, bespoke light fixtures, and one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. The clean cut design of the wooden accents coupled with soft grey fabrics, calming nudes and browns in the walls, designers allow the vibrant colors of the natural surroundings to be the star of the show.

How much would the services of a Port Elizabeth interior designer cost?

Designers and decorators conduct such intricate and personal work when tending to each individual client, that their final price for their services reflects so. Obviously, each job is different and will vary in overall cost depending on how much or how little the client needs. Generally, an interior designer or decorator in Port Elizabeth will cost between 10%-15% of the overall project value.This is if the designer or decorator works on a commission based payment system.

Alternatively, some designers will charge for their services according to their level of expertise in the field of design. For example, if the designer has been in the industry for a short amount of time they are ranked as a junior designer and will be paid accordingly.  The higher up the ranking system that the designer climbs, until a designer reaches the expert or senior level, the more expensive the fees become.

Another way that designers measure the amount of pay they require, is by the hour. In this scenario, a designer will charge their clients between approximately R150 – R250 for each hour they are shopping, arranging, consulting and so on. Effectively, this could sometimes add up to over R160 000 per designing or decorating job. Therefore it would be wise to start decorating or designing in smaller sections of the house, one part at the time to allow for funds to regenerate.

What do Port Elizabeth Designers have to offer?

Much like any interior designer or decorator around the world, the uniqueness and all-round range of services that each Port Elizabeth designer or decorator has on offer, is extremely specific and personal to their clients. When browsing through what was on offer, designers and decorators tend to combine two or more interior services in one project, giving the client the convenience of getting all they need from one source.

For example, a well-established designer in Port Elizabeth combines room designs with artwork selection and accessories to match. So some specific services that interior designers offer are room designs, layout or floor plan,custom furniture, accessories, artwork, custom bespoke lighting, installation & styling,  bespoke furniture & storage,  architectural styling consultations. The professional designers and decorators are given a time frame as well as a budget that they must adhere to, from their individual clients when the prospect of work is offered. This also plays a major role in both the pricing and the services that are offered to a client.

What sort of questions or queries should I have for an interior designer or decorator?

The first thing to ask an interior designer or decorator when considering their services for hire, are about their previous jobs and the services that they specialize in, like furniture, or functional space coordination. This is important because that way you can see what their overall style is and whether or not they know how to stick to the client's' brief that they were given.

Secondly, you should always ask how long their average room design or redesign would take. This obviously depends on what is going to be designed or styled in your home. It is imperative to ask if they work with outsourced contractors, or accompanying designers, you need to know how long a specific job would take to complete.

Lastly, find out how the designer will charge you. As mentioned above, there are various ways that an interior designer or interior decorator can price and charge their clientele. It is very important to figure this out before you commit to anything specific and sign any contracts or allow the designing team to start any form of construction or moving within the home.

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