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Our next location to focus on is the previously known Pietersburg, now known as Polokwane  in the South African Province of Limpopo. The current trend to focus on when looking at the interior designers and what they most commonly use in their designs, is the technique of old turns new, as well as luxury. They also have a talent for African themed neutral pallets, aligned with modern chrome and metallic fixtures. 

Polokwane style can be defined as eclectic and one—of—a—kind, as they use a clever combination of old—school structures and modern interiors. Most of the modern interior is accounted for in their modern bathrooms. A modern bathroom must be spacious, consist of precise architecture as well as accurate plumbing, not forgetting that this type of bathroom must always be accompanied by clean, crisp colours such as white, blues or even eggshell. 

Another common aspect found in Polokwane, is the use of a country style swimming pool. Private, residential swimming pools are very common in South Africa, and even more common in the hotter areas around the country, just like Polokwane. Interior designers have a great opportunity to design furniture as well as decorate the pool areas that surround that space outside. The highlight of a country style swimming pool right in your back-yard, is the element of a relaxed, family feel that comes with the house interior as well. 

A final characteristic that we can describe is how Polokwane designers continue the country style theme into the dining room. Country style does not just mean comfortable or welcoming, it also means restored and personal. A common feature in any country dining room are the sensible chairs that are paired with a grand dining room table. This feature is usually a luxurious wood that can seat 10—12 guests, and make hosting a dinner party elegant and easy for the home owner. 

Is there a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Yes there is indeed a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. An interior designer can provide a customer with more specific services as compared to an interior decorator. Designers can provide a customer with accurate interior planning such as floor plans, architectural room designing and even custom evaluations of the worth of antiques. 

These services do come at a substantial price, and depending on the type of designer, they could charge the customer according to their level of skills and expertise, or they could charge an hourly rate that does not depend on what they do for the customer but how long they do it for. This is the prefered method chosen by interior designers. 

An interior decorator offers more simplistic services such as room re-organization and styling consultations. Interior decorators do have a team of handy partners that they work very closely with, such as small jobs contractors, plumbers, electricians and technicians that help the styling and decorating process more efficient for the customer. Interior decorators specialise in social events that take place over a short space of time, such as weddings and corporate functions. This is their speciality, because they can transform any space into a stylish event that will leave a long lasting impression. 

How do I choose the best interior designer in Pietersburg?

When choosing the perfect interior designer, there are specific questions that a customer needs to be asking before they just hire any interior designer that comes their way. The first important question to ask is about the interior designers previous clients that they have had and what the work was that they had completed. The most professional way that an interior designer will display this, is in a professional designer’s portfolio. This portfolio will contain photographs, different textures of the various fabrics and materials that were previously used. This will also help showcase the standard of work that the interior designer is capable of and therefore the customer can decide if the calibre of the design is what they are looking for. 

The second question to ask is what exact services the designer can offer to the customer. For example, does the designer have partnerships with general handymen, plumbers, repairmen, carpenters, contractors and so on. This is an important question because it will help when the overall designing experience for the customer, as the job will go faster, the customer would not need to outsource these labourers from several companies. Lastly, it is important to ask what sort of organizational plan the designer will have for the entire process of the job. This will help answer the question regarding how long a specific designing job will take. You will need to know exact dates and be able to depend and trust the designer to meet these deadlines. Timing is everything.

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