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About the city

Kimberley, also known as the 'city that sparkles' is a large city in the northern part of South Africa. Many well-noted historians and thinkers, have attributed the success and transformation of South Africa from an agricultural land to an industrial hub, to the city of Kimberley. The major reason for this, is because the city is brimming with diamond mines. Diamonds were discovered here, more than a century ago. Besides its sparkling history, the city is also famous for its destinations like the Mokala National Park, natural reserves, and other museums. The city is quite popular with tourists, but the heat may be a problem for a few because the city of Kimberley experiences extremely dry and hot heat during the summers. One can't talk about art and not mention South Africa. The city of Kimberley is no exception in this regard. The city has many beautiful architecture and museums that are a sight to behold. Some of the houses here are aesthetically pleasing and artfully designed. 

Why do you need an interior designer?

Interior designers can transform an empty space into a more beautiful, tasteful, and functional setting. They choose decorative objects to enhance the look and feel of a space. An interior designer can turn an empty void into a stunning zone that you would want to call home. They use objects and furniture items like sofas, table sets, linens, carpets, lighting fixtures, etc to design and remodel a space. 

How does an interior designer work

Before they can even start fleshing out their ideas for revamping a particular space, they need to (1) check the rules and regulations of the building/structure where they'll be working and abide by these rules. The next step, is to (2) get an idea of what the client is looking for. Post that, the hunt is on for some inspiration for the particular project, after which (3) ideas are put down on paper, a canvas, or on 3D. This is a blueprint of the project which is also discussed with the client. 

(4) Once estimates are discussed, cost breakdown, and time limitations, the work commences. Most of the time, interior designers don't work in isolation. They (5) collaborate with other professionals like architects and engineers who are also associated with the same project. The whole designing process is a meticulous one, filled with vivid detailing etched out with mathematical precision. 

Interior designing specialization: 4 types

Interior designers can either be niche when it comes to their services or generic. Some interior designers choose to specialize in a range of sub-fields like designing just kitchens or living rooms or office conference rooms. Whereas, a lot of other interior designers cater to the designing of an entire interior space of a structure. 

Therefore, there are different types of interior designers who cater to specialized requirements. A lot of people aren't aware of these differentiating factors. Today's a good day to learn something new! 

➣  Corporate designers

These interior designers only specialize in designing the interior spaces of corporate offices. From start-ups to large conglomerates, they can jazz up or add a touch of power to the look of an office interior. They mean business and can make a place look like one too. They furnish the space with furniture that's functional with a sophisticated and understated vibe. They also incorporate design aesthetics that represents a brand's identity. 

➣  Healthcare designers

These designers design the interior areas of medical spaces like a doctor's clinic, or a hospital, or old-age home. For places like these, clean designs, soft colours, and minimalistic designs are used. The designs are chosen to create a calm and soothing effect which is aimed at creating a sense of comfort and safety amongst patients and people. 

➣  Kitchen and bathroom designers

It's all in the name and the specialization. Interior designers with such niche specializations usually charge a steep amount for their services. But they come with a breadth of knowledge when it comes to their craft. They are your go-to encyclopedias when it comes to anything to do with kitchen and bathroom designs. They've mastered the art. 

➣  Sustainable designers

Sustainable designers like to use an eco-approach when it comes to interior designing. All of their ideas are inspired by a sense of conservation of energy and water resources. 

On homify's platform, you can find everything you need to spruce up your pad. Take a peek at some design ideas that you can use for your home. From your kitchen, to your bedroom, and the living room, we've got a little something for everyone, and it's not too heavy on the pocket too! 

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