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What kind of interior designing styles can I find in East London?

Although East London has adapted to more modern infrastructure with tall, metallic structures, the coastal city still houses classical European buildings with well-maintained churches, apartments buildings and houses. Designers and decorators in the small, coastal city of East London have put major focus on utilizing space, and organizational skills in their planning and execution of a job. In this article we will be taking a look at the interior design and decoration that is signature in the small town of East London in the Eastern Cape. 

The rustic, natural theme that was inspired by the oceanic surroundings in East London, designers make sure to combine the exterior with the interior of one’s home. Frequently seen in the East London design scene, is the functional and stylish use of art deco finishings. Most commonly seen in the United Kingdom and Europe, art deco usually takes shape in stain glass windows and cleverly designed tile patterns, usually placed over fire places. 

How do I hire an interior designer in East London?

Once the search for an interior designer has come to an end, the next step is to focus on is the investigation of the interior designers that your are interested in. There are important questions that you need ask a designer or decorator before you commit to their full services. One of the first questions to ask them is about their previous work. Therefore you would need to ask to see their design portfolio. Every designer should have a portfolio as evidence of their works. 

The second set of questions an interested client should ask is about the services they can provide during their designing or decorating experience. For example, can the designer or decorator supply them with a repair consultant who can fix their broken dining room chair, or with a plumber who can replace their old and outdated toilet with a new elegant one? This question is important to ask as you want to seek out a designer who can offer you the whole package in terms of what they provide for you as well as their special skills. This is directly connected to the question that follows.

How long will the specific job the client requires, take? This is a very important factor in the designing and decorating industry, as most clients will have a deadline as to when they want their homes back to themselves. Another way to find out this information, is to investigate online and read what previous clients have said about their service and their initial estimation to the length of time it would take to complete the job. 

What can I expect from interior designers at East London?

Best known in East London is the boho meets modern look found in many restaurants and hotels along the coast. This displays the rough, natural woods that bring appreciation to the bold fabrics and soft colour pallets that are used in combination with an ongoing Southern African theme. Soft greys, nudes and sharp distinctive pieces of art are coupled with the one-of-a-kind Eastern Cape style. 

These factors all work together to suit the style and time frame of the building as well as the location. This execution of space saving as well as creating a comfortable and stylish living area for a client, are characteristically done by interior designers. Not to be interchangeable with an interior decorator, a designer of a house’s interior will design, plan, and structurally adhere to a client’s needs and demands in terms of functionality, building codes, as well as the limitations of space in the building provided. Some of the specific services that interior designers and interior decorators offer are functional room designing, general consultations, lighting schemes, bespoke furniture, architectural designing.

What is the difference between an interior design & an interior decorator?

An interior designer has the expertise to design in terms of spatial planning, renovations within the home and the remodelling of interiors, as well as enhance the function of the room by using floor-planning skills they have acquired. Interior designers will go beyond these skills and create resourceful ways to save space and be stylish at the same time. Some services that interior designs offer are, room designs, layout or floor plan, custom furniture, custom bespoke lighting, and architectural styling consultations.

On the other hand, an interior decorator is somewhat limited in their job description as compared to an interior designer. An interior decorator assists clients with re-organization of a space, decide on a particular one style for a space, committing to a colour scheme and even accompanying them when making important purchases of furniture or decorative pieces. Decorators usually work in close contact with upholsterer’s and artisanal furniture creators. The services that interior decorators offer are to clients are accessories,  artwork, installation and styling, bespoke furniture and storage.

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